Dream of: 11 April 1986 (2) "Penard"

I had met a beautiful blonde lady (probably in her mid 20s). I was writing her a letter describing a letter I had recently received from Brian. With the letter Brian had also sent me a box full of valentine candy full of rich chocolates and other sweet delicacies.

Brian's letter had been up-beat. As I had read it, I had had the impression Brian was thinking about coming to live with me. He knew I had quit practicing law. And I thought he likewise felt an urge to leave the practice of law and live a freer life.

In the letter Brian had described some recent events in his life; apparently some unusual things had been happening to him. He said someone had taken some pictures of him holding another man's penis. But he didn't seem very concerned about it. It vaguely seemed as if the same kind of thing had once happened to me, but I couldn't remember clearly.

Brian had mentioned in his letter a man named Penard. I had once introduced Brian to Penard, who lived in a large Texas city and who owned the Penard World Trade Center. Brian had apparently come to know the man quite well. He was thankful to me for having introduced him.

Brian said he had become somewhat of an outcast among his own kind because he behaved strangely around people.

As I concluded my letter to the woman, I thought I would like for her to meet Brian. They were both good-looking and might have a lot in common if they were to meet.

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