Dream of: 11 April 1986 "Certain Powers"

I had gone to a home where Buckner was living in Portsmouth. Since Buckner's parents had forbidden me to see Buckner and Buckner himself was being kept by his parents in the upstairs part of the house, I climbed up the side of the house and entered the house through an upstairs window. Once inside, I found myself in a small room which had a doorway through which I could see Buckner standing on the other side in the neighboring room.

Buckner walked into the room where I was and he motioned for me to go into the room out of which he had just come. I went in and Buckner walked downstairs.

I found a notebook which contained some kind of paper Buckner had written in long-hand for a class. I leafed through it and saw that Buckner had made an A on it.

Helen Buckner (Buckner's mother) then started trying to come up the stairs and Buckner blocked her way. But Jennie Buckner (Buckner's older sister) did come up the stairs. Buckner followed Jennie and they entered the room where I was. I crouched down to hide and Jennie didn't see me at first; but then she spotted me. She obviously didn't want me to be here with Buckner and she said something about Buckner's being meek and mild. He did look rather sickly and he seemed thin and pale.

Jennie invited me to walk downstairs with her and the three of us began descending the stairs. I told her that Buckner was meek and mild because they tried to control him. He was a 33-year-old man and it wasn't proper for a 33-year-old man to still be under the control of his parents and family. She disagreed with me.

We walked into the backyard. Buckner knew I had certain powers and he wanted me to demonstrate some powers to his sister to help show that I was correct.

Some bowls were sitting on the ground near us. I looked at one of the bowls and mentally willed the bowl to rise into the air a few centimeters and float around.

A round swimming pool about a meter high (the kind which is set up above ground) was in the back yard. I made the bowl float around over the pool and over the yard.

Jennie was obviously impressed with my ability. She clearly didn't understand how I was able to make the bowl float with my mind.

Making the bowl float did require a good deal of concentration and effort on my part. I next wanted to make the bowl float over to the edge of the pool, turn up on its rim and roll along the pools edge. I knew that would require even more agility and will power. I was uncertain I would be able to perform that particular feat but I was determined to try it.

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