Dream of: 04 April 1986 (2) "Calming My Nerves"

While in an apartment where I lived, I heard someone at the door; I went to the door and found Bonnie standing there. She apparently thought her husband Vernon was after me for some reason and she was quite upset. When I looked at her, I could tell she still liked me. I reached out, pulled her to me and kissed her. She kissed me back, even though we both knew she was now married. She said she had to go because Vernon was coming; she began backing up. She left and I shut the door.

The door had two locks on it. One was a bolt lock and the other required a key. Suddenly, I heard Bonnie talking to Vernon right outside the door, and then Vernon began trying to break through the door. I locked both locks, then ran to the back of the house.  I ran outside through the back door and began running up an alley. After I was about halfway down the alley, I looked back and saw Vernon chasing me with a gun.

I zigzagged back and forth down the alley, finally turned a corner, and saw a guy and girl sitting in a green Volkswagen (the girl behind the steering wheel). I opened the car door and hollered, "Take off! A guy’s following me with a gun!"

I jumped in and the girl without hesitation pulled out and began driving up and down some alleys. I wanted them to take me to the police station, but when I noticed the fellow had a marijuana joint in his hand, I asked him to let me have it so I could smoke some. He handed the joint to me and said he only had that one. I thought maybe I would buy some latter for them, but I needed something right now to calm my nerves. I told them I had not smoked any marijuana in almost 15 months.

We began smoking the joint and continued until nothing was left but a small butt; but I did not feel any effects of the marijuana. Finally, the fellow took the butt and extinguished it with his fingers. The sky outside began to grow dark. I told them I wanted them to take me to the police station so I could file charges of assault against Vernon.

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