Dream of: 04 April 1986 "Lost Dreams"

I was traveling in Europe. I had my green back pack and I had also taken four notebooks of my dreams with me. Two notebooks contained some of my earlier dreams and two contained more recent dreams. But when I looked for my two earlier notebooks I couldn't find them and concluded I must have misplaced them somewhere.

I found myself in a city which was experiencing political problems. I walked into a department store and descended to the basement where there appeared to be a clothing department. I began unpacking my back pack onto a round table and pulled out two shirts and a blue sheet which I had had for several years.

Suddenly the phone rang, I picked up the receiver and a man with a crisp American accent told me he had my back pack. Apparently he had stolen it while I hadn't been looking and now he wanted to know what it was worth to me to have it back. I was unsure I wanted to buy it back. He mentioned some exorbitant price and I told him I was just a poor fellow and I couldn't afford it.

However, what did concern me was whether my dream notebooks were in the back pack. The idea of losing those was frightening because I didn't have any copies of the dreams in those notebooks. I asked him if he would check to see if the notebooks were in the back pack.

I asked him something else about the back pack but he said he was unsure. He said he had stolen so many back packs that he couldn't keep track of all of them. Apparently he had been in Europe a long time stealing back packs. He had found it easy to go to places where people left their back packs and steal them. He said he would check about my notebooks and call me back. I hung up.

I noticed some other people standing nearby, among whom was Bobby Nichols (a Portsmouth acquaintance). He was in his early 20s. He was standing near some clothes racks talking to some people about someone having stolen something of his. I hollered to him and asked what they had stolen. He said they had taken some kind of belt he had and his back pack. I said, "Well, maybe it's the same guy that stole my back pack. He's going to call back in a minute. When he calls back I'll ask him."

Suddenly one of the fellows standing with Nichols turned around and began walking toward me. It was Vernon. However I thought his name was Gordon. He walked up to me and stood right in my face. He seemed rather large and had a beard. We were both wearing blue pin striped suits. I was surprised he had walked up to me like that. But apparently he wanted to speak to me about something dealing with Louise. He spoke for a few minutes, but I acted as if I didn't want to talk with him. I didn't want him around me and finally he walked away. But then I reflected and motioned him back. I thought it would be better to finish the discussion now since we were both there.

He spoke again. As he spoke I had the impression Louise had expressed to him that she still had some lingering feelings for me. Vernon was quite upset about that fact.

I looked at his face and tried to see what it was that Louise saw in him. I had always thought he was an unattractive person; but he didn't look as bad up close as he did from a distance.

He said he wanted to get something straight between me and him concerning Louise. Apparently he still thought something was still between Louise and me. I didn't mind talking with him but his manner was unbecoming. He was abrasive, aggressive, quite emotional and he didn't seem to be rational. He began acting as if he wanted to fight with me, actually touched me and I thought, "If he touches me again I'm going to do something about it."

He said something about biting my finger, raised his hand, put one of his fingers in front of my eye and touched my eyelash with it. I thought to myself, "Well, he's touched me. That's an assault."

I grabbed his finger, bent it back and pulled him off balance causing him to fall down. He began to struggle and we wrestled on the floor. We bumped into some clothes racks and then rolled under a table. Vernon grabbed my right index finger and tried to bite it. I had to try to keep it out of his mouth.

Although he was much larger than I, he seemed like a very weak person. I thought I could probably easily defeat him in a fight. I held him and asked him if he wanted me to let him go. He said, "No."

I began banging his head against the table. Finally I held his head against the table and said, "Look, I want to let go. I don't want to be arrested for disorderly conduct."

Some police officers had shown up and were crawling on their backs under the clothes racks trying to get to us. They were obviously agitated and one of them had his gun pulled out.

I looked at Vernon and said, "I'm going to let you go, Gordon."

After I had released him, the police immediately grabbed him and handcuffed him. I just lay on the ground on my back and the police didn't bother me. I said, "He assaulted me officers."

They seemed to think that he was the one who had caused the problem. I thought it was rather unseemly for two lawyers to be wrestling around in a department store like that. I asked, "Are we under arrest?"

One of them replied, "No. This is just a watch."

Apparently they only wanted to watch us for a few minutes to make sure we didn't do anything else."

I stood up, unbuttoned my top shirt button and pulled my tie out from under my collar so that it was on the outside of my collar. I began walking down the aisle of the store and the police brought Vernon along behind me. He was still lamenting my continuing relationship with Louise. I tried to explain to him that there was nothing between Louise and me anymore. I told him that he shouldn't be trying to do anything to influence my life and that he and Louise were completely out of my life.

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