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Dream of: 03 April 1986 "Dream Interpretation"

I was in a classroom which vaguely reminded me of a room at Grant Junior High School. I was sitting in the rear seat of the second row from the left of several rows of chairs. The teacher was a tall lanky man (probably in his late 30s). The class was scheduled to last one hour.

The other students and I had apparently been given an assignment to record a dream which we had had the night before. We were then supposed to relate it to the class. I had typed my dream and put it in a sack of food I had with me; but I couldn't seem to locate it at the moment.

First another student said a few things and then the teacher called upon me to tell my dream. That pleased me because I had had an interesting dream which I wanted to relate to everyone. I began telling the dream and I told them that in my dream a king had been in his camp with his soldiers. They were trying to decide whether to attack a large fortified city. The king was uncertain what to do so finally it was put to a vote by the soldiers in the camp whether the city should be attacked. The soldiers voted to attack the city. The king and his soldiers marched off and attacked the large fortified city. They overcame the city and then the question arose what to do with the city after they had attacked it. It was again put to a vote.

I hesitated for a moment in the telling of the dream. I was uncertain whether in my dream the question had actually been put to a vote the second time but I thought it had. I continued, "It was put to a vote whether the large city should be destroyed or not. It was once again decided that the large city should not be destroyed."

I couldn't remember all the details of the dream. At one point I stopped and pulled out the sack with my food in it to look for the dream as I had written it, since I knew the written version was more precise. I wanted to tell the dream exactly as I had written it, but I couldn't find the written dream. I only found food in the sack.

It seemed as if I had taken a long time to tell the dream, probably at least five minutes, and I knew the class only lasted an hour. I thought everyone might not have time to tell their dreams.

As I neared the end of my dream, I noticed an overweight black girl sitting to my left playing a radio. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her to quiet down the radio because people couldn't hear me. She turned it down and indeed I could be heard much better. Plus I could think much more clearly about what I was saying.

I couldn't tell for certain whether the other students were interested in what I was saying. It did seem as if the students were listening although I noticed one girl yawning on my left.

I thought the dream had been colorful and might have had something to do with democracy. The idea of soldiers marching off to war and attacking cities seemed quite impressive to me.

As I had been telling the dream, the teacher had been writing some things in chalk on the blackboard about the dream. He had some questions at the end and wanted to know if the soldiers and the king had been in a small city. I said, "No. It had been a camp."

Then he wanted to know something about the large city. He seemed to place much significance on two cities having been involved, although I was uncertain of the point he was trying to make. Finally, he said the dream might signify my father's forgiving me for something. He thought that some guilt was involved in the dream and that my father could possibly forgive me for my guilt. I hadn't thought about it before, but I understood what he was saying and his interpretation made some sense to me.

Beneath the notes on the blackboard which the teacher had made about my dream was a horizontal line and beneath the line was some more writing. At first I thought the writing might be about one of my other dreams but then I realized it wasn't. It looked to me as if the writing was in dialogue form. I saw the word "beer" among the words on the first line. It looked like someone was talking about beer and then someone was responding to the question in the second line. Other lines of dialogue then appeared to follow.

Babcock (a former high school classmate) was one of the students in the room. He raised his hand and wanted to say something about the writing which was below the line. Finally, I stood to look at the writing more closely and I saw that it contained a map to a convention center where a beer party was going to be held. The writing above the map talked about beer which was to be brought to the convention center. Babcock wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.

People began standing up and milling about. It rather disgusted me because it seemed the only thing they were interested in was going to a beer party. The teacher apparently was even going to go and he asked me if there were any places to buy beer between where we were and the convention center. I thought there probably were but I wasn't really sure. I didn't tell them I wasn't going to go to the party because I didn't drink beer. I thought they might interpret that as my being an alcoholic and I didn't think I was an alcoholic. I simply didn't like to go to those kind of affairs.

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