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Dream of: 21 March 1986 "Universal Artist"

I was representing a woman in a mental illness court where the issue was whether the woman was mentally ill. The woman had already testified the day before. The judge, sitting at a desk, was an older man with white hair who somewhat reminded me of Judge Berry (a Dallas judge).

This morning the woman's husband (who looked like Mr. Stap, one of my clients) had been brought in; he was sitting at the end of the judge's desk. I stood in the background and I didn't take an active part in the hearing.

As the hearing progressed, it appeared the woman had had a large postage stamp collection worth quite a bit of money. The husband had some of the pages of postage stamps before him. He began showing the pages to the judge and pointing out places where some stamps had been cut out and had disappeared. Nobody was sure what had happened to the stamps—but it appeared the woman had probably cut them out and sold them. It also appeared the husband's name was written on the front of some of the postage stamps. He apparently maintained that part of the stamp collection belonged to him.

I continued watching the proceeding without taking an active part. Finally, the judge dismissed the husband and the husband left. I spoke with someone and said I needed to find out whether the mental illness court would issue an injunction to prevent the selling of the stamps and other assets of the estate by the husband. I asked the judge about it and he said an injunction could be issued, but he wasn't quite sure what I was talking about.

I then mentioned that the woman probably needed to try to divorce her husband. He said I should go to judge Schwille and that Schwille would probably issue an injunction. He complemented Schwille by saying that he was an "universal artist." Apparently, he knew I had practiced quite a bit in Schwille's court. He thought Schwille would be able to help me more with the injunction question than he would be able to.

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