Dream of: 20 March 1986 "Impending Doom"

I found myself standing high on the ramparts of a castle. Other men, soldiers, were with me. Everything looked to be set in the 16th or 17th century and the soldiers appeared to be dressed as Frenchmen.

We realized the castle was going to be attacked and we were trying to decide how we were going to defend ourselves. We weren't quite prepared for an assault. I had grabbed what I had thought were spears; but actually what I had was nothing more than long, round, thin sticks. Finally, the attack began by soldiers of what appeared to be an opposing army. They began climbing up the sides of the castle trying to break in. Many appeared to be wearing masks—grotesque masks of human faces.

As the soldiers reached me, I tried to push them back with my sticks; but my sticks were so flimsy I wasn't very successful. I thought of trying to push them back with my hands, but I realized doing so would be dangerous because the soldiers might grab my hands and pull me down with them as they fell. Finally, I realized we needed to be using bows and arrows; I looked frantically looking around for a bow and arrow, and began screaming to my fellow soldiers around me, "Use aerobics! Use aerobics!"

When I said "aerobics" I actually meant "arrows." I screamed it over and over.

The men on my side were fighting bravely, but obviously we were going to be overwhelmed. The section we were in was particularly vulnerable. We began backing up through some doors into an inner room. I noticed some Negroes also trying to get into the room.

Someone brought out a long crossbow and I grabbed it. But I couldn't find any arrows to use on the bow. I carried the crossbow back outside where I found some arrows and began firing them. One large arrow I fired struck an enemy soldier. I then began trying again to push back the ladders of some soldiers climbing up the walls. I pushed one ladder back and watched as it fell straight back with the attacker holding on to it. He was about 30-40 meters high and fell straight back to the ground with a crash. He was obviously severely injured or killed. I wished we could push more attackers back like that.

Finally, I retreated again to the inner room. I thought some of the enemy probably realized I had a potent weapon with my crossbow and that they would want to take it from me. But now my problem was that I had no more arrows. My fellow soldiers were all poised in front of the door and on stairs waiting to defend themselves from the coming onslaught. I hoped they wouldn't all shoot at once at the same men and waste their arrows. Then they wouldn't have enough arrows for the next wave.

I was unafraid of what was about to happen. I had a feeling of impending doom and I wondered whether we should surrender, but it wasn't fear which I felt.

I began wondering exactly what it was we were defending there. Was a royal family in the castle? I was unsure.

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