Dream of: 14 March 1986 "A New Language"

I was in a court house which had several court rooms in it. I had been in the court house once before and had learned that each of the courts received several small magazines which came bundled together with a string around them. I decided I personally would deliver the magazines to the courts on this day. I picked up the magazines and began going from court to court counting off the magazines for each court. Each court received about 10 magazines.

However, as I performed the task, I began thinking I had more pressing duties which I needed to be performing. I was now a lawyer and should be working as a lawyer rather than as a mere delivery boy. Still, I thought I would rush around and deliver the magazines anyway.

I went into the clerk's offices of one of the courts and found no one there. I opened up one of the bundles and was surprised to find among the magazine a paperback book (the only one which had come for all the courts) which was a grammar of a new language which someone had invented. The language was being used to write a science fiction book. I thought it was rather interesting that someone would write a science fiction book in a new language. I leafed through the book and noticed some pictures in it.

As I looked over the book, my brother Chris rolled up in his wheelchair. I was happy to see him since we hadn't been together in a long time. He was smiling and looked happy. I wished I had more time to spend with him.

I sat down and began wondering what Chris thought about me. I began reflecting about what kind of person I was. Ever since I had been a little boy I had been quiet, reserved and intelligent. I thought I had retained those qualities throughout my life and was still that way. I was rather pleased with those aspects of myself and thought Chris probably respected those qualities in me. There was nothing wrong with my being that way.

A woman (about 30 years old) walked into the room. She was tall, slender and had long, kinky, brownish hair. She saw the magazines, which she referred to as pamphlets, in the room and told me that some people took those pamphlets to get free title insurance on their houses. That interested me and I asked her to explain.

She said she had lived in several different apartments. But now she had a gray, brick house which she enjoyed. The value of the house had risen considerably since she had bought it. The people who put out the pamphlets had helped her get her title insurance. What she said interested me.

As she talked I noticed how blue her eyes were. They were almost iridescent. I also noticed that her tongue appeared to be blue, a very dark blue. It intrigued me that she had such blue eyes and a blue tongue.

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