Dream of: 13 February 1986 "La Cite De Joie"

My step-grandfather Clarence, my grandmother Mabel and I were together in Texas in car which Clarence was driving; we were planning to go to Ohio. We had the choice of either taking the interstate highway or taking another more scenic route which would go through some Texas towns. I suggested we take the scenic back road. We did so and the journey seemed to be taking a long time as we passed through several small, Texas towns.

We eventually encountered a bridge being torn down by hundreds of busily working men. Clarence drove through the workers and across the bridge (which had railroad tracks on it) and passed very close to some working men, some of whom were slinging sledgehammers. I thought they might hit the car, it came so close to them, but no one said anything and we continued until we reached the other side.

I looked at a map on which the interstate highways were drawn in green and saw several different places where we could connect back into them. I was beginning to regret Clarence's having taken the back road because it was taking much longer than I had anticipated, but I couldn't blame him since I had been the one who had suggested it.

Finally, we reached a small town. We were all hungry so Clarence pulled into a restaurant. We walked in, sat down at a rather long table and were handed menus. I looked at the menu and thought of getting some shrimp scampi but I remembered that shrimp was a seafood and I didn't eat any kind of meat. So I looked for something with vegetables in it, but I couldn't tell from the menu exactly what had vegetables.

Finally, the waiter came over and I told him I wanted a salad. Plus I told him I was going to name some vegetables and I asked him to check to see if they had the vegetables which I would name. If they had them, I simply wanted him to bring me a plate full. He walked back to the kitchen to check, returned and told me he wasn't going to be able to give me the plate of vegetables.

I thought about ordering some liver, but realized I couldn't because liver likewise wasn't a vegetable. I debated what I should do. Perhaps I should just order a garden salad.

I had somehow managed to scoot to the far end of the table near some strangers who were seated at the same table. I noticed Perlman (a Dallas attorney) there with a woman who was apparently Perlman's girlfriend. I began talking with them and the woman, who was very friendly, reminded me of someone I had recently met named Patty.

She began telling me about a book she had recently written. I was impressed. She pulled the book out and showed it to me. I was surprised she had actually had it published. The cover, as well as the size and the feel of the book, made it appear almost exactly like a book I had been recently reading called La Cite de Joie. I began looking through it, but I wasn't quite sure what it was about. Apparently, it dealt with some rather intimate details of her sexual life.

I looked at the back cover where she had made a statement about the adjectives in the book. She had gone through the book and carefully studied and rearranged the adjectives so they would be in better form. I thought she had probably used a computer to assist her.

Some little blocks, each with a letter on it, were displayed on the back cover of the book and were meant to depict how she had been able to move the words in the book around.

I quickly leafed through the book and saw one sentence with a dash in it and after the dash the word "I." At first glance, I thought her grammar was improper, but then I realized the grammar was actually quite good.

I couldn't really tell for sure, but I didn't think it was an excellent book. However I was quite impressed she had put all the work into it to actually have it published.

When she gradually moved closer to me, I had the feeling she wanted to have sex with me. But I didn't want to because I thought I had basically abjured sex. Plus Perlman was sitting on the other side of her. Nevertheless I reached under the table and placed my right hand on her left knee.

She was wearing a dress and my hand was on her bare skin. I felt her spread her legs apart and I gradually began moving my hand upward until I could feel her pubic hairs. She wasn't wearing any panties and I pressed my fingers into her vagina.

But I had the feeling that wasn't really a good idea. I thought I felt some kind of fuzz ball with my fingers and thought she might not be very clean, especially if she were letting me take such liberties after having just met her. Nevertheless it felt quite good and I continued. She scooted ever closer to me.

I felt myself having an intense, pleasurable erection which I thought I should stop. Suddenly, I felt as if I were going to have a premature ejaculation. That would be very embarrassing; I wanted to stop immediately. I pulled away from her and thought, "I need to start thinking about something else besides what I am doing."

All at once I realized I was actually sitting in a car; I looked out the window and suddenly became lucid. The sexual sensation had passed and I hadn't had an ejaculation. It was a good sign that even in the dream itself I had been able to control myself from ejaculating, because in the past, although I had been able to control ejaculations in my waking life, I had tended to let myself ejaculate in dreams. To be able to control my sexual life in my dreams seemed to have been an important step I had taken.

The woman was still sitting next to me in the car. I saw my old friend Steve Weinstein sitting on the other side of her. He also had apparently glanced through the woman's book and I wondered what he would think about it.

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