Dream of: 23 January 1986 "Chasing Thunder"

As another person and I were walking in a wooded area (almost like a jungle), we came to a dense area where there appeared to be a book store. Racks of books were standing all around. Some books were extremely large and even looked as big as I. Some were standing on the ground and some had colorful covers. I thought that some books might be art books and that I might like to look at the pictures.

I continued through the book area, even stumbling over some books, until I finally arrived in a large room which resembled a train station, where I sat down on a bed.

The fellow with me was black (about 20 years old). He walked around the room with his arms hanging at his sides, but his hands were bent up so they were parallel to the floor. As he walked I realized he was homosexual. His homosexuality didn't particularly bother me, but it was getting to be late and I didn't want him to be around me all night. Plus I wondered what people would think if they saw me with the fellow. They might get the wrong idea that I was homosexual simply because I was with a homosexual person. I wanted to return home.

Nearby I saw a magazine rack on which was a copy of Time magazine. On the magazine's cover written in large letters was the word "COCAINE," accompanied by a picture of some white powder. I thought about how the covers of Time magazine tended to reflect the general trends of the time. If the covers of Time were followed, a feel of what was going on in the contemporary world could quickly be acquired.

I picked up the magazine and leafed through it. I thought how the war the United States was waging on cocaine had already been lost. The only way the inflow of cocaine into the country could be stopped was by spending more money; but more money wasn't available to be spent on drug enforcement.

I thought about drugs in general and remembered that possession of small quantities of marijuana had been legalized in Alaska. When the legalization had originally happened, I had thought more states would follow suit, but apparently they hadn't. I wondered what the result of the legalization of marijuana in Alaska had been. Had cases developed in the courts concerning the legalization and what constituted the legal use of marijuana?

I read part of the article which spoke of how some people were able to quit cocaine, but then sometimes wanted to go back. Since making the necessary preparations to use cocaine was so difficult, however, people didn't bother going back to it.

I thought about myself and marijuana. I probably would sometimes smoke marijuana if it were readily available; but obtaining marijuana and rolling a joint was so much trouble, I just didn't bother to do it.

I looked out a window and saw a large desert covered with light brownish sand. When a man planning to cross the desert showed up, I wanted to go with him. Suddenly, I saw a second man ride up on a large black horse and fall off. Apparently, the rider had been so weak from thirst that he had been unable to go any farther.

I turned to the man with whom I wanted to cross the desert and I told him that I wanted to mount the black horse and go with him. I told him he knew I was a good horse rider. He hesitated at first, but finally he said, "Ok."

I wasn't actually a good horse rider, but I could see myself sitting in the saddle riding across the desert. I would be able to adequately perform that task.

I ran to one end of the building and went outside. I saw the horse in the distance and began running toward it. As I ran, I began wondering what I would name the horse. Several names flashed through my mind, but I suddenly knew the appropriate name was "Thunder."

I also wondered how I would approach the horse. I would calmly and quietly walk up to it. The horse would be able to sense whether I was going to hurt it. Therefore I would need to be patient and calm when I approached it.

Suddenly, I encountered two men and told them I was going to get the horse. They both suddenly pulled knives on me and were determined to stop me from getting the horse. As they walked toward me, I fell down on my back. When they came close to me, I threw sand in their eyes. I knew that was an old trick, but it worked. They were momentarily blinded and thrashed wildly in the air with their knives trying to cut me.

I was able to roll past them unscathed. I jumped back up and ran toward the horse as fast as I could. They finally got the sand out of their eyes and began chasing me.

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