Dream of: 11 January 1986 "Friedhofe"

I was riding around in a car with my father, my mother, and my sister in a city in Germany. My mother was driving the car, the back of which resembled a cart. My father was sitting in the very back in a seat facing the front. I was sitting in front of him in a seat facing the rear so I was looking directly at him. My sister was sitting to my right likewise facing my father.

My father seemed unhappy and grim. I however was happy to be in Germany; I felt at ease and at home. I wanted to stay there forever. Growing old in Germany would be so enjoyable. I had thought Germany would also be pleasant for my father, but he seemed so unhappy there. I was so exhilarated I almost felt intoxicated. In fact, I thought perhaps I had had some alcohol earlier, but I was unsure. If I had had any alcohol, it had been very little.

My sister (only about 10 years old) also seemed to be enjoying Germany. I thought Germany would be an excellent place for her to grow up. Suddenly she pointed to something and asked me what it was. I saw that it was a cemetery and I said, "That is a Friedhofe. And the French word is cimitiere."

I reflected on the word Friedhofe. "Friede" in German meant "peace" and "Hofe" meant "courtyard." The word "Friedhofe," meaning "peaceful courtyard," seemed quite beautiful to me. I thought about how quickly my sister would be able to learn the language if she lived there, but I also reflected on the irony that the first words my sister would learn in German and French would be "Friedhofe" and "cimitiere."

My sister pulled me close to her and began singing a little song in my right ear. When she pulled me close my right elbow rested against her breast. She sang, "Das verlinkt, das versaugt, das ...." Obviously my sister had already learned some German. I was uncertain what "versaugt" meant, but I thought it meant "sucked." The ditty she was singing was probably obscene.

As we rode around we passed an old building which looked like a castle. I thought it might even interest my father. Indeed, he did turn his head to look as we passed by. Several statues of men in a procession were in the door of the building. Two statues were carrying another statue.

On the side of the building was some writing, which consisted of large stone letters attached to the building. Some letters had broken off, but I was able to see that the writing said something about the Gauls and that it gave a three-number date. Apparently the writing described an event which had taken place before the year 1000. The event apparently was part of the history of the Germanic tribes; it was extremely interesting. I pulled out a book written in German which described the castle.

When we passed a police car, I noticed that my father seemed very nervous. We turned a corner and suddenly my father seemed to panic. He crouched down on the floor and tried to cover himself with a blanket. I tried to help him cover himself.

I then saw that three police cars with flashing lights had pulled up right behind us. Suddenly my father jerked up and jumped out the back of the car. He ran around the front of the car to the back. About 10 policemen with guns began chasing him and were very close to him. I began screaming, "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"

They all had rifles aimed at him, but they were so close it was obvious they were going to catch him and I didn't think they were going to shoot. I jumped out of the car and ran up to my father. Finally the police apprehended him and threw him to the ground. When one police officer pulled off his helmet and hit my father in the head with it a couple times, I screamed, "Stop! Stop!"

I had no idea why the police were after him. I didn't know if he were involved in some kind of crime or spying or what. I hollered, "I'm his son. Was hat er gemacht?"

A very agitated policeman walked up to me and demanded, "What are you doing here? Who are you? What are we going to do about you?"

But no one bothered me. They allowed me to approach close to my father without stopping me.

I began to realize I was dreaming, and I thought I was probably going to awaken and I wasn't going to know why my father had been arrested. I could probably invent a reason for his being arrested, but if the dream wouldn't tell me itself why he had been arrested, it would be better if I didn't find out right now.

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