Dream of: 28 December 1985 "A Dream Of San Sebastian"

I had gone to an auditorium to watch a program and I sat down in a row of seats. No one was seated in the seats to my left, but a woman was sitting to my right and other people were on the other side of her. I took off the long, black, trench coat I was wearing, folded it and held it in my lap. Although some other people had laid their coats on some seats to my left and I thought about doing the same, I finally decided to simply hold my coat in my lap.

Vincent Price walked onto the stage and the audience, including myself, began loudly applauding. Price began speaking about the program and then introduced a girl who he said had won many prizes. He then left the stage and a girl (about 10 years old) walked onto the stage. The audience quietly applauded her.

The girl began singing. I became slightly annoyed when a woman sitting in front of the chair to my left called back to some people behind me who were apparently students and told them in Italian the name of the piece the girl was singing.

Still singing, the girl walked off the stage into the audience, came over close to where I was sitting and stood in front of the empty seat in front of me. She was naked from the waist up. Although her chest was flat and her breasts undeveloped, I thought it was rather strange for her to be standing and singing in front of me nude from the waist up.

Apparently she wanted me to participate in her performance and she asked both me and the woman seated to my right to stand. We did so and I laid my coat back in the seat behind me. The girl held out her hands flat with the palms up. I raised my hands and held them palms down on top of her hands, which was what I thought she wanted me to do. She then began scratching the palms of my hands with her fingers. I was uncertain at first, but then realized she wanted me to do the same thing to her. So I bent my fingers as she had done and scratched the palms of her hand.

Her fingers seemed strong. Our fingers became intertwined and she began pulling. I responded in kind. I had a good feeling by the act as if some kind of connection existed between us.

We separated our hands. She held out her hands again palms up in front of me, but this time she didn't want our hands to touch. Instead I simply held my hands palms down over top of hers. She moved her hands around and I did the same, but we didn't touch. Finally she stopped and went back to the stage. The woman next to me and I sat back down.

The woman sitting next to me (probably in her late 20s) had her blonde hair tied back and was very attractive. She spoke to someone else about the girl and then leaned her head over onto my shoulder. I leaned my head over onto hers. Her lips touched my cheek. I felt close to her.

I mentioned that the hands of the girl had certainly been strong. The woman began trying to explain to me what had just been going on. I couldn't understand everything she said, but I thought she mentioned something about a dream of Carlos Castenada. I asked, "What did you say?"

She said she was talking about a dream of San Sebastian and she mentioned something about a religious school. I had the feeling she was involved in the Christian religion. I was attracted to her except for that fact because I knew I wasn't a Christian. She seemed pure and I felt spiritually attracted to her. She obviously seemed attracted to me, also.

Her hair felt clean and kinky. I caressed her hair. I thought, "Well just because she's a Christian, that doesn't mean I can't have anything to do with her. Perhaps I ought to get to know some Christians better anyway."

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