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Dream of: 27 December 1985 (2) "Rough And Rocky Traveling"

I was lying in a bed in a room which had several other people, including my father and Louise, in it. I was lying on my back with the covers pulled up over me, watching a program on a tiny television which had a screen about eight centimeters long and about five centimeters high sitting on my chest. In a bed to my right lay another fellow watching a television the same way. I cast my eye about the room; several other people were likewise watching small televisions.

All the small televisions had the same program which seemed to be on tape because one could turn off the television and then return later, turn it on and pick up where the program had left off. Thus although all the small televisions had the same show, they were at different stages due to each person having begun or interrupted the show at different times.

The sound of each small television could only be heard by the person watching it and thus it didn't disturb anyone else in the room.

Louise and a black fellow, however, were watching a large, regular television which could be heard all over the room and was disturbing everyone else. The large television wasn't showing the same show as the other televisions. A black fellow walked up and hit all the knobs on the large television and it went blank. I rose, turned the large television on and off and fixed it for Louise.

I began looking at the larger television with Louise, until suddenly she said she wasn't going to let me watch the larger television any longer. I felt like turning it off so no one could watch it, but I thought that wouldn't serve any purpose. I didn't want any revenge on her because she wasn't going to let me watch the show, but I did think it was lousy of her to do such a thing.

I walked over to the black fellow who was also watching the large television and I asked him if he would turn it down because it was bothering everyone else in the room. I then returned to my bed.

My father was lying on the bed to my left and in bed with him was a scruffy but clean-looking, small, white dog. The dog was apparently bothering my father so I called for it to come to my bed. It made a leap and landed on my bed. I wanted to pet it, but it jumped around on the bed so much I was unable to. I tried to push it off the bed, but it grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. I tried to shake it off and was finally successful. It then left me alone.

Some people were talking at the foot of my bed. I rose and walked over to them. They were my sister and a black fellow. They were looking at some coins in what appeared to be a cookie package. The coins were mostly silver dollars. My sister said my aunt was wearing the coins that evening. I was rather enthralled by the sight of the coins. I saw some Liberty-walking half dollars among them, pulled out one silver dollar and said, "This is a good one."

The silver dollar appeared to be a misprint because it had an American eagle on both sides. I looked at the date, thought it was sometime in the 1400s and said, "Well the reason it's like that is cause it's so old."

I looked at the date again and realized it was from the 1970s. I finally realized it was actually fake and it didn't weigh much.

I picked up some Liberty-walking half dollars and I was surprised by how heavy they were. I picked up one coin which I at first thought was a Liberty-walking half dollar, but soon realized was actually a silver dollar. I couldn't remember when silver dollars had been made which looked like Liberty-walking half dollars. It must have been confusing for people if there had been two coins with the same design on them but of different sizes and worth different amounts. I showed the coins to Louise.

Louise and I talked about my proposed departure for France. I rather wanted her to go with me, but I doubted she would. She seemed to think I might return, but I told her there was no possibility that I would come back and that it wouldn't be feasible for me to return once I had left.

We walked outside and I began singing a song to her by Willie Nelson which I thought she might enjoy hearing. I sang, "It's been rough and rocky traveling but I'm standing now with both feet on the ground. I've taken several readings and I'm surprised to see my minds still fairly sound. Paris was the hardest, but I know I've said the same about them all."

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