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Dream of: 27 December 1985 "Gun To The Head"

Louise had returned to live with me and together we had moved into a house similar to the House in New Boston. I was lying on the bed in the bedroom when Louise walked in. I was a bit concerned because after she had returned she had begun following her usual pattern of becoming distant. I pulled her to the bed and down beside me. I wanted to talk with her because I could feel the distance growing between us and I wanted to try to resolve it. I asked her if she were planning to stay with me. She answered, "No."

I responded, "Louise, you do this every time. You come back and you say you're going to stay with me and then you turn around and say you're going to leave."

I was upset because she had done the same thing repeatedly. I told her it had become a habit for her. I wanted to explain to her how insecure it made me feel when she constantly told me she was going to do one thing and then she did the opposite. Since she made me feel so insecure I couldn't treat her the way I wanted to. I needed someone who would do what they said they would do.

I was also beginning to suspect that she was seeing another man but I was unsure of that.

Lying on the bed was a deposit slip from the bank for more than a thousand dollars I had just deposited for the week. I had been working hard and the money represented my savings for the week. Our total savings at that point was about $2,500.00 although we had only been together for about a week. We also had some other savings which needed to be added into the savings total.

Also on the bank statement was a list of debits. Louise had apparently been responsible for the debits. I looked them over and noticed that one was for a topless bar. The date appeared to be sometime in March and therefore several months old. I was going to ask Louise if she had been to any topless bars lately, but decided not to bring it up since it was so old.

Some large sliding window doors were on one side of the room. The curtains in front of them had been pulled back. Although it was around four o'clock in the morning, it was already light outside.

A little boy was walking around outside. He was far away at first but then came closer. He reminded me of a boy who lived in the same apartment complex as Travis Street Apartment. Since Louise and I were both nude, I thought he might be trying to peek in. I thought maybe I should pull the curtains, although it didn't really make any difference to me if he looked in.

I began thinking I wanted to have sex with Louise. I rolled over on top of her and we began having intercourse, continued for a while and then turned around to have oral sex. I lay on my back and she got on top.

Before we began, I noticed the boy outside again. I pulled the curtain, but part of the bottom of the curtain didn't close.

Louise and I continued and then I noticed that someone was standing outside. I raised up, knocked on the window and scarred off whoever was outside. I rose from the bed and walked into the next room. I looked out the window in that room and saw the person outside run past the window. I pushed the sliding door open which led outside and stepped out. There I encountered a blonde-haired teenage girl trying to hide and a man standing behind her. I knew some things had been stolen from the house before and wondered if these were the people who had stolen them. I said, "Hold it. I want you out of here. I don't want you coming back."

The girl had nice breasts and was attractive. I really didn't mind if she came back. But the man was rough-looking and he worried me. He had black hair, was thin and was probably about 30. He was still trying to peak through the window and I wanted him to leave. He and the girl then left.

I walked back into the room and found that another man had already somehow sneaked into the house. We had a shotgun in the house, although I was unsure where it was or if it were loaded. I hollered to Louise, "Get the gun! Get the gun!"

The man was bent down on his knees looking at something. I picked up an end table, slammed it onto the man's head and knocked him out.

I looked back outside and saw that the other man was still out there. I wondered if Louise was going to get the shotgun. I wondered what would happen if the man came into the house with a gun, grabbed Louise and held the gun to her head while I had the shotgun and had it pointed at his head. What would I do in a situation like that? If I were to shoot him, there would be the danger that he would pull the trigger and shoot Louise. If he were to point the gun at me I would probably shoot him; but there would be the danger that if he would move quickly I would hit Louise. I was unsure what I would do in such a dangerous situation.

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