Dream of: 26 December 1985 "The Great American Classic"

I was asleep when I heard someone call out, "Steve Collier."

I awoke and found myself in what appeared to be a locker room where some other people were also sleeping. Among the rows of lockers was one locker which I knew was mine and into which I had earlier put my things, including my billfold.

One fellow (probably in his early 20s) was going from one locker to the next looking through them. I thought he was probably the person who had called out my name, but I feigned sleep and watched what he was doing. When he finally came to my locker I jumped up and looked at him. He ignored me, opened up my locker and pulled out my pants. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that it didn't matter what he was doing and that I should go back to sleep. While he was holding my pants I reached into the pocket and pulled out my billfold.

I began to realize I was in some kind of school where I was actually living. I thought perhaps the fellow looking in the lockers might be a security man, but I still thought he might be trying to steal something and I persisted in trying to learn what he was doing. I insisted he tell me why he was going through the lockers.

Three other fellows were also going through the lockers in the room. I addressed all of them and asked what they were doing. They refused to tell me and they looked as if they were becoming nervous.

I ran to the door, stepped into the hall and stuck my billfold in a small indentation in the wall next to the door. I hollered out that we needed security. I told some people sitting at a desk in the hall that someone had broken in and the security people from downstairs should be called. I turned back into the room and hollered out to the other people sleeping in the room to wake up and help.

The fellows who had been going through the lockers began to disperse. Some security guards suddenly rushed in and grabbed one of them. The other three escaped down the stairs, but the security guards quickly were able to catch them.

I walked back out into the hall and talked with the people who had called the security guards and with the security guards themselves. They said they had apprehended all the intruders and had taken them away.

Some of the other people who had been sleeping in the room were also standing around. I began explaining to everyone how I had come to notice what had been happening. I related how I had heard my name called out and I had surmised one of the men had seen my name written on something while he had been going through my locker. I told them I had immediately awakened when I had heard my name.

One fellow asked if the men had used some kind of wire to open a door or if they had had a key. The building was very secure and people wondered how the intruders had been able to enter.

Most people began going back to bed and I lay back down in my bed. Suddenly I remembered I had left my billfold out in the hall. I rose to go fetch it but realized I was completely nude. I put on some clothes, walked out into the hall and retrieved my billfold.

I returned to the room and spoke again with some people. I got myself a can of beer, sat down in a chair and began drinking it. It relaxed me somewhat. A fellow who was a friend of mine spoke to me about how he and I had once broken into a school when we had been younger. He said we however hadn't taken anything. I remembered the incident and it seemed to me we had taken some money from some people's lockers. I thought what those fellows had just done was no worse than what we had done and they might end up going to jail for a year because of it. I wondered what they would think when they woke up in jail the next morning and realized how stupid they had been the night before.

Some females were also among the people here. One girl standing next to me to my left was wearing dark sunglasses and had a cane. I thought she was blind. She had also opened a can of beer. She said something to me but I didn't understand it. She continued talking and I reached out with my left hand and held her hand. At first I thought she might want to sit on my lap while she talked with me, but she didn't seem to want to sit down so I stood up and spoke with her. She was so close to me, her lips touched the top of my upper lip. I had had a pimple on the top of my lip and I thought even if she were blind she would have felt it with her lips.

We walked together outside into the corridor. She asked me if I would be interested in going with her that night to see "The Great American Classic." I told her I thought I would like to go. I thought I might have already made plans with another girl for that night, but I really liked this girl. However I didn't know what the Great American Classic was and asked her. She told me I wasn't much of a scientist if I didn't know that and said it was the name of a modern punk rock group.

We walked over to a little store located in the hall. Some record albums were there and I began going through them. They were arranged in alphabetical order with name tabs sticking out above them. I went all the way back to "g" but I still couldn't find the one I was looking for.

The albums I had already passed over suddenly fell down some kind of slot and I had to pull them back up and put them in place.

The girl was also going through the albums. I asked, "Can you see those names?"

She responded, "Well, sure."

I said, "I thought you were blind."

She was astonished I had thought she was blind. She said, "I thought maybe these glasses were a little bit too big."

I didn't say anything about the cane she had been carrying. I thought, "Well then she must have some kind of walking problem."

She turned to me and I looked at her face. She was about 20 years old. She had a smooth complexion and a beautiful face. I thought I would be able to relate well with her and thought I would indeed like to spend the evening with her.

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