Dream of: 25 December 1985 "Rented Elephants"

I had rented two elephants, a baby one and another large young one, with the intention of riding the large one from the House in Patriot to Mexico. Although the House was the same as the one in Patriot, Ohio, it was now located in the vicinity of Austin, Texas. I thought the trip would take about two or three days.

I took the two elephants behind House and since they hadn't had anything to drink all day, I carried them a bucket of water. I didn't have anything to feed them except some pop corn, some of which I gave them. I was surprised to see them eat it. I carried them more milk and I wondered if they would drink milk. The larger one was very thirsty.

Somehow the smaller elephant climbed unto the larger elephant's back, then suddenly tumbled off. I caught it and set it back on the ground. It only weighed about 25-30 kilograms.

After I had taken my eyes off the elephants for a while, I looked back I saw the larger elephant had crossed over into a cornfield of the neighbor, Bobby Saunders (a farmer who lived next door to the House in Patriot when I was a child). I walked down to the elephant and brought it back into the back yard. It lay down and I carried some grass over to it, but it didn't want it. Instead it raked its nose over some tall grass growing near it and began eating it.

I began having doubts about the entire endeavor of riding the larger elephant to Mexico. Would the elephant be disturbed by the traffic and by horns? I didn't have a seat to put on the elephant and I didn't know how I was going to climb up on it. The idea of riding the elephant to Mexico seemed less and less attractive. I also began to realize the trip to Mexico and back would require more than three days, and I had only rented the elephant for three days.

When I again looked toward the elephant, it had disappeared. Someone nearby pointed out the elephant once again in the Saunders field, this time in a patch of sugarcane. I was upset because Saunders had such good crops and I figured he would be angry because the elephant was ruining them. I then noticed a man hitting the elephant with a stick trying to drive it out of the field. I ran down and guided the elephant once again back to the yard.

I looked into Saunders field and noticed a garden there in which a number of different kinds of vegetables were growing. I wondered if Saunders sometimes grew more than he could eat and took the surplus to town to sell. I thought he would then be able to feel as if he were helping the community.

I was afraid the elephant was going to go into the garden and walk on it. When I found a piece of cabbage lying in the yard, I was at first afraid my elephant had trampled the cabbage, but then I noticed the cabbage apparently was no good and I thought Saunders had probably thrown it away.

Looking at the garden I was impressed by what a good job Saunders had done and I wished I had the ability to raise a garden. The land on which the House in Patriot sat contained mostly scrub, while Saunders' land seemed productive and full of good food. Some space still was left over next to the fence on Saunders' side and I thought there was still room for some more corn to be planted if Saunders wanted to.

I thought Saunders had probably worked hard at using the right fertilizer on his land. I noticed one patch of extremely black dirt and when I looked at it more closely, I realized the dirt consisted of dry decomposed raspberries. I picked up one of the raspberries and touched my tongue with it. I could barely taste the flavor of raspberry. I wondered if Saunders had grown raspberries there before and then had put them back to enrich the soil.

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