Dream of: 23 December 1985 "Lobotomy"

I was in a room with several other people. One man in the room (much bigger and stronger than I) had been behaving like a bully to me. I mentioned to him that he was stronger than I. I put my left arm against his right arm. His arm was extremely muscular and I pointed out that his arm was probably five times bigger than mine.

I told him there was obviously no issue whether he was stronger than I. However, I said, there was an issue between us. That issue was whether he was mentally stronger than I.

We then began eating something. Without his knowing it, I put some LSD into his food. It didn't take long before he began feeling the effects. I had also taken some LSD myself. I began explaining to him what I had done. He wasn't at all angry. Indeed, he seemed to have become quite docile. His personality had seemed to completely change once the LSD had taken effect. The difference was amazing. It almost seemed as if he had undergone a lobotomy. I took him by the hand, led him outside and told him not to worry about anything. I told him he should probably follow me because I had had more experience with LSD and I would probably be able to show him the way.

Outside he climbed onto a tractor for awhile. He then climbed back off and we stood together near the tractor, parked on a hill. I asked him if he had put on the emergency brake of the tractor. He said he hadn't, and he climbed back onto the tractor. He began backing it up and ran over a tire (lying behind the tractor) which got tangled up in the tractor. But he finally managed to back the tractor around so it was sitting sideways and no longer in danger of rolling down the hill.

A woman walked up and spoke to me about the man. I was unsure who she was, but I thought she seemed like the mother of the man. She told me that that very day the man's wife had divorced him. The three of us walked over to a nearby building where we found the man's wife. She was quite upset. Apparently she had been married to the man for 16 years. She said it would become easier with time.

I asked her how many times she had been married. She said, "This was the fifth time."

When I heard her reply, I wasn't so concerned for her. Another woman here (who seemed to be the first woman's friend) likewise had been divorced five times.

The man's wife explained to me that she had divorced him because he drank alcohol too much. The man and I had discussed his drinking earlier. I thought now that he had taken the LSD there was a good possibility he would stop drinking. But I realized it was probably too late to be able to save his marriage. Even if he told his wife now that he was going to stop drinking, she wouldn't change her mind.

The man's wife was rather attractive. I thought for a moment I might even be interested in having an affair with her. But I really didn't think that would be advisable since she had just obtained a divorce from this fellow toward whom I felt friendly. However there was still a slim possibility. I held her hand for a moment in front of the man. But it was merely a comforting gesture without romantic overtones.

I talked again with the man. He seemed rather downcast and I tried to console him.

Some other people walked up and they were crying. I told them not to cry. They said they weren't crying because of the divorce. They pointed to another couple who were getting married and they said they were crying because that couple was getting married. I realized they were right. The fact they were getting married was a good reason for crying.

We walked into a building and the man had to sign some papers concerning the divorce. The date was February 19th and the year appeared to be sometime in the nineteenth century.

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