Dream of: 16 December 1985 (2) "Cantaloupe And Cream"

Louise and I had gone to a restaurant and had sat down at a table in a spacious room. A dark-skinned waiter (probably 30 years old) dressed in white came to our table. He looked Arabic. He took Louise's order.

Several pieces of fruit were in a bowl on the table. At first I thought the fruit was grapefruit, but then realized the fruit was actually pieces of cantaloupe cut in half.

Louise said she wanted some cantaloupe. I picked up a slice and put it into a bowl in front of her. The cantaloupe looked a bit mushy and I wondered if it might have already started to decompose. Since I didn't think the cantaloupe looked enticing, I picked it up and returned it to the bowl with the other pieces.

I informed the waiter that Louise wanted some cantaloupe, but she didn't want any cream with the cantaloupe. The waiter said that wasn't possible, that she must order cream with the cantaloupe, but she could pour the cream off if she liked. The idea seemed ludicrous to me. I asked several times if she could simply have the cantaloupe plain and every time the waiter insisted she must have it with cream.

Finally I said, "Well just forget it."

I thought the waiter's insistence on serving the cantaloupe with cream was absurd; I wanted to ask someone else about the necessity of having cream with the cantaloupe. I rose to look for someone else and said, "Well, we'll see about that."

I walked to a counter and asked someone to tell me who was in charge of the waiters. The person I asked pointed to the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen where I found a black woman whose name was Cathy (about 32 years old). Tall, slender and dressed in white, she was apparently in charge of the waiters. I said, "Cathy..."

But something was apparently going on in one part of the kitchen and someone cried, "Shhh."

We walked over to another place where we could talk without interrupting anyone and I explained the situation to her. She was upset by what I told her and she likewise thought it was ridiculous. She said she would take care of the matter and she walked out into the dining area. I followed and began thinking I should tell her I wanted to order a meatless pizza for myself. I wanted her to know I had eaten here before; I therefore knew I would have to order a pizza with meat and would then have to pick off the meat if I didn't want to eat it. I thought pleading with Cathy to leave the meat off the pizza would be futile, and I decided not to even bring the subject up.

Cathy walked over to our table; but Louise wasn't setting there any more. Louise was walking toward another table with a tray of food. Louise's hair was quite dark and short. She was wearing a small round hat and a blue outfit which made her look cute. I noticed a hamburger on her tray but I didn't not see a cantaloupe. When she sat down at another table, I walked over to her, sat down and told her she was going to be able to have her cantaloupe. But the cantaloupe didn't seem to matter to her any longer.

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