Dream of: 14 December 1985 "Fingerprints"

I was in Portsmouth and had been associating with a girl (about 14-15 years old). One night we went out together and while we were out the girl killed another girl. She then cut off the head of the dead girl and put it in a sack. We took the body and boarded a motorcycle which I was driving. We rode down the street and dumped the body in front of a house.

We were going to dump the head somewhere else, but the girl panicked and threw the head in some bushes in front of the house where we had dumped the body. I immediately knew we were going to be in big trouble. I quickly drove off.

I rode around that evening on the motorcycle and thought, "Well it will take probably several days before they realize that the head is there anyway."

I thought it would be disastrous when the head was found. I also realized some other evidence had been left behind. I thought I was gong to need an alibi. Perhaps I would go to Walls' house and spend the rest of the night there. At least then he could say I had been there part of the night.

I wondered if the police could tell from decomposition of the body exactly when the murder had taken place. I knew it had occurred about 8:30 that night and I wondered if the autopsy would reveal that.

Several days later the head was found by the police. Some other things were also found. A coin and part of a dollar bill which had been torn up were found near the body. The dollar bill had a partial finger print on one side and on the other side it had a full finger print. The police said the dollar bill was the most important thing in the case.

The police arrested some fellow, took him in and began asking him why he had done it. He was about 25 years old and had a beard and mustache. His fingerprint didn't match the one on the dollar bill, but he confessed to the crime anyway. He began trying to explain to them why he had done it. I knew he was obviously mixed up because he hadn't really committed the offense.

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