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Dream of: 12 December 1985 "Daredevil"

I had gone to a newspaper rack to buy a newspaper. I opened up the rack and inside instead of newspapers I found a bunch of comic books. I wasn't sure who the comic books belonged to, but I rather wanted some for myself. I began going through them. I saw some Marvel comics.

Some other children came up and took some of the comic books. I had the impression that people had ordered the comic books and had already paid for them. Even though I hadn't ordered any, I thought I would take some anyway.

I saw a "Spiderman" and a "Fantastic Four" comic book. I pulled them out. I saw some other very thick comic books which I had never heard of. I thought they were probably some new editions of Marvel comics. I saw a "Daredevil" comic book but I didn't take it. I likewise passed over an "X-Men."

I decided to only take the two books I had pulled out. Plus I then found part of a newspaper and decided to take it also.

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