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Dream of: 11 December 1985 "The Other Daughter"

I was with Ramo and his sister in Ramo's bedroom. Ramo's sister looked like his wife Jan and also reminded me of another girl Ramo dated around 1970. She had just returned from either the Middle East or Africa and had brought back some hash with her. I asked them if we could smoke some and Ramo said, "Sure."

He put a hunk of the hash into a pipe, lit it and handed it to me. I took a long deep draw from the pipe. Since I had inhaled so deeply, I thought, "Well, just one hit will probably be sufficient to get me stoned."

I didn't feel the effects immediately and passed the pipe to Ramo's sister who passed it to Ramo. He apparently thought we had smoked enough and set the pipe aside. I began feeling the pleasurable effects of the hash.

I stood and walked into my own room. I stayed there a while, walked back over to Ramo's room and inquired of the girl whether she had any hash to sell. She said she did and asked if I wanted to buy any. I said, "Sure."

She said she had four kilos which she apparently had smuggled back with her. I was amazed. She said she was selling it for $200.00 an ounce. I asked her if I could buy a half ounce for $100.00. She said, "Sure."

One hundred dollars seemed to be a lot of money to spend for hash. I wondered if they were deceiving me when they said they were selling it for $200.00 an ounce; I told them I used to only pay $75.00 for a whole ounce of hash. It seemed exorbitant to now be paying $100.00 for only a half ounce. Plus I didn't like the idea of having hash around for a long time because I would be tempted to smoke it.

Ramo pulled out a jar which contained the hash, which was in cubes weighing one ounce each. He took a cube out of the jar and began cutting it for me. It looked quite dark at first, but when he began cutting it, it appeared blond. I wondered if I should smoke some of my hash with them after I bought it, but decided since they had so much they should be the ones to smoke theirs with me instead of using up what little I had.

The girl was lying down on the bed and I was sitting on the side of the bed. I was very attracted to her and let my hands began caressing her. She didn't resist and my hands were soon roaming all over her body. I slipped my hands underneath the tee shirt she was wearing and began squeezing her breasts. They weren't terribly large, but they felt quite good.

Ramo meanwhile was at the foot of the bed cutting up the hash. I was uncertain whether he was going to object to my conduct with his sister. Finally he left the room. I pulled the girl to me and engaged her in a long passionate kiss. My feet were on the bed on top of a pillow and while I was kissing I felt the pillow move. I looked up and saw Louise's mother, Vivian, had entered the room and taken the pillow. Vivian was the mother of both Ramo and his sister.

I knew Vivian disliked me intensely because she didn't want me with her daughter Louise. I realized I was now with her other daughter. Vivian took the pillow and left without saying anything. I thought, "She must be terribly angry at the thought that I'm back again and now with her other daughter."

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