Dream of: 01 December 1985 "So Much Time In Jail"

I had been arrested, put in jail and given a three year sentence. Several other people were in jail with me. It almost seemed as if I were serving a three year stint in the military.

The jail was in a forest area and I was allowed to move around in different rooms in the building I was in. The room I was presently in was quite spacious. It had a dirt floor with grass growing on it. It wasn't that bad.

I saw Buckner there. He was sitting on a couch and looking at several pornographic magazines spread out on the ground in front of him. Another fellow here was also looking at some pornographic magazines.

I found some small nuts and decided I wanted to grind them up and smoke them. I ground them up and then put some pieces of wood which looked like matches into a little pipe I had made. I lit the wood, put the nuts on top and began smoking them.

Buckner came over and began smoking with me. We anticipated becoming intoxicated. Finally I dumped out the wood and only the powder from the nuts was left, which we continued smoking. We were being rather cautious because I was afraid a man in a room next to ours might see us and report us.

After we had finished smoking I began feeling the effects. But I began to wonder if it might have some damaging effects on me and doubted whether I should have smoked it in the first place.

I thought I might be able to get out of prison if I were to go to school for a year. I knew there was a room in the prison which had a lot of law books in it. I told Buckner I was going to begin reading the law books to try to determine what kind of remedies I might have in order to get out of here. I thought about how much of my life I had already spent in jail. I thought I had been arrested five or six times in my life and knew I had spent eight months in jail in Iran. I certainly didn't want to spend another three years in jail. I said, "I've spent so much of my life in jail already."

I started walking toward the law library. I noticed Weinstein and Anderson were also in the jail. Anderson came up to me and told me I had five days from the time of my arrest within which to appeal. I thought I needed to write some kind of appeal even if it were only a hand-written one.

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