Dream of: 19 November 1985 "Jane Roberts"

I seemed to be watching a movie about either a Mexican or an Indian family trying to escape from someone. The members of the family had the ability to camouflage themselves in desert-like areas by covering themselves with dirt, mud or sand. But they needed to be near some rocks, which were used as a back wall, and cover themselves with the soil in front. If they were to just bury themselves in a open area they might be trampled if someone were chasing them on horse.

They covered themselves up and late at night some of the pursuers passed by the place where the family had hidden without detecting the family. But as the rest of the pursuers walked past, the guide of the pursuers stopped, looked over the entire area and then over the place where the family had hidden.

The hiding place was covered with mud, under which were sticks. Some of the sticks showed through the mud, having clearly been arranged in some kind of order. One large stick ran down the middle and other sticks crossing it and almost resembled the rib cage of an animal. The guide realized someone had arranged the sticks in that order.

The father of the family, who was slender and appeared healthy, realizing the family was in danger, crept out of the hiding place toward the guide and killed him. It was then obvious to the family that they must quickly leave. They escaped before the dead guide was discovered.

They traveled until daybreak when the reached what appeared to be the border of the United States. Some train tracks led across the border. One at a time, with the father leading, the family crossed the border walking along the train tracks, which had some freight cars on it. When the father had walked a ways along the tracks, two men suddenly jumped out and flashed some badges at the poor man. They were from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

One of the men told the poor man to turn around. As the man did so, an immigration man (about 35 years old) jerked the man's pants down and told the old man to let his penis hang down and urinate. Although the men were visible to me only from the waist up, clearly the immigration official was preparing to insert his penis into the older man's anus.

The chagrin and humiliation of the older man were evident on his face. He was almost in tears.

Suddenly the picture focused on the older man's son, who had snuck onto the freight car directly in front of the scene. The son had some kind of devices which resembled Molotov cocktails and some kind of guns. Obviously he was going to use them to protect his father.

The immigration official and the father both suddenly saw the son. The father said, "Nino, no. Don't do that."

The father knew his son was about to kill the Immigration official and the father wanted to stop the son from killing him because he didn't want his son to have to kill anyone.

Suddenly the screen went blank. I was very confused and disturbed by what I had seen. I didn't know what it had signified for me personally.

Suddenly I saw a figure of a mature woman who appeared to be floating in the air above me. I couldn't clearly see her features, but she seemed quite amazing and beautiful. She spoke, "My name is ...."

I wasn't entirely sure what name she had given but thought it sounded like "Jane Roberts." She continued, "I am the source of these dreams and I formed these dreams long ago for you. I am the source of your ESP. No, you are not a homosexual and this dream, for example, represents something quite different from that."

I was astounded by what she had said. I realized she was some kind of unearthly messenger who had communicated with me. She appeared to be a teacher trying to help me.

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