Dream of: 13 November 1985 (2) "The Intruder"

I was with my ex-wife Louise at her apartment on Skillman Road in Dallas. Around midnight we took off our clothes and got into bed nude together. We were just about to have sex when Louise rose from the bed and told me I was going to have to leave. I was startled because I had been planning to stay overnight. She explained that she knew her boyfriend Vernon's habits and that she expected he would probably come by around midnight. At first I was perturbed because I thought she had just used me. But then I thought, "Oh well, it doesn't really matter."

I rose and began gathering my clothes together. I had a pair of blue jeans and a short sleeved blue shirt. Someone else's blue shirt was hanging on the doorknob of the bedroom door. I thought it must be Vernon's and that if he left his clothes here like that, he must regularly be spending his nights here.

I still wanted to have sex, although I had qualms about seeing Louise merely for sex. However, I was still sexually attracted to her. I turned to her and asked her when she was going to give me a blow job.

Suddenly we heard a noise outside in front of the apartment. I thought it might have been a car door. Louise immediately became frightened, ran to the front door to make sure it was locked and put something over the peep hole. I had the feeling she was afraid of Vernon. I also was afraid of him. Louise said, "You're afraid of him, right?"

I replied, "Well sure I'm afraid of him."

I was afraid because I knew he had killed his own father. I thought that anyone who could kill his father was capable of just about anything. I thought the man was basically insane. I knew he and Louise were now engaged. Therefore if he found me here with her just about anything could happen. I said something to Louise about Vernon's having killed his father. Louise had never discussed the subject with me and I was intrigued. I wanted to find out more about what had happened, but she didn't want to discuss it, and she replied, "There you go again about his brother."

She seemed confused about the matter because I hadn't been talking about Vernon's brother. I wondered if she was talking about her own brother. I pressed on, "He killed his fucking father. You've got to deal with that situation."

Apparently she couldn't deal with the situation and she ran back into the bedroom. I continued gathering up my clothes and putting them on.

Suddenly I heard someone pounding on the back patio door to her living room. We were both standing in the bedroom. I asked her if she could look through the bedroom window to see if Vernon was pounding on the door. But she was terrified. I thought, "I can run out the front door quickly. No. I can't do that."

Finally I said, "Well just tell him I was here visiting."

Louise was obviously extremely terrified. I also was frightened. I thought since Vernon was now engaged to her, he obviously had some claim to her and I was now the intruder.

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