Dream of: 13 November 1985 "Philippine Jail"

I had gone to the Philippines, a country located in Eastern Europe. It was rather primitive and appeared basically as I had expected. I was riding around a city with a couple other people. One of them, a relative of mine (about 25 years old) looked like a Filipino.

We stopped the car and spoke to some people. Among them was a girl (about 20 years old) who caught my attention. When our eyes met, I was immediately attracted to her and felt she likewise was attracted to me. Finally my companions and I left the girl and the other people and began driving around again.

I had some brown envelopes stamped for express mail which I needed to take to the post office. I asked my companions if I could simply put the envelopes in a mail box the way they were; they told me I could. We pulled up in front of a building which had some mail boxes in front of it.

As I started to get out of the car, I looked up the street and saw the same girl I had seen earlier. She had gone into the middle of the street and sat down. Suddenly she stood up and jumped onto a bicycle. I jumped out of the car, ran toward her and stopped her. I spoke to her and she spoke back to me in English. I could tell she wasn't as intelligent as I had hoped and was probably not very educated. However, I was still quite attracted to her and asked her if I could see her. She said, "Yes."

She pulled out a paper and began writing the name of a place where we could meet. She didn't want to give me her home address, but gave me the name of another place. We continued talking and walked into what appeared to be a small garage where some other people were congregated and we sat down on a couch. As she talked I moved closer to her and put my arm around her waist. I felt good being close to her, but I was uncertain exactly how close to her I was going to get. We continued talking. With my arm around her, I realized she was slightly overweight; but the weight wasn't enough to make any difference. She just needed to lose a few pounds.

I looked up to see a large Filipino man dressed in dark blue walk into the room. He grabbed the girl and pulled her away from me. He was her father. He grabbed me and made threatening gestures as if he were going to hit me; but instead of hitting me he threw me against the wall and then grabbed me again.

I picked up a folding metal chair and hit him with it. I was uncertain whether I should have hit him, but thought I needed to defend myself somehow. My two friends were standing outside, but I couldn't seem to scream. When I finally managed to reach the door where my friends could see me, the fellow who was my relative saw my predicament and ripped off his outer clothing to reveal a karate suit underneath. He ran toward my attacker and kicked him in the back. The man let go of me and my relative hit him a few more times until the man backed away.

I walked toward the door, saw some other Americans standing there and said sarcastically, "Thanks a lot for helping me."

I very lightly tapped each of the Americans on the head with the foldable chair I was still holding in my hand. They then showed me why they hadn't helped me by pointing behind the door to a gang of Filipinos who apparently would have attacked them if they had tried to help me. I understood then the Americans had been unable to assist me since they feared for their own safety.

Obviously we were in a very repressive society. My friends and I began walking around again and another thin black-haired girl (about 30 years old) wearing a light green dress approached us. I spoke with her and she seemed rather intelligent. I asked her what she did here and she replied she simply tried to get enough to eat. Apparently things were so repressive here that it was difficult for even an intelligent person like herself to find enough to eat.

I put my arm around her shoulder and we walked along together. My ex-wife Louise was standing nearby wearing a dark blue dress. I hoped Louise would see me with the girl and be jealous, but Louise was moving in another direction and I didn't think she saw us. I continued walking along with the girl thinking about the situation in the Philippines. Finally we parted and I said, "I'll see you later."

As I walked away from her I realized I didn't even know her name. However, I didn't ask her because I thought I actually probably never would see her again. She might be interesting, but I was really not very attracted to her.

I suddenly realized I was walking inside a jail in the Philippines. I saw many men inside small glass cages less than a square meter in size lined up next to each other. The arms of the men were held up in the air by chains on each side of the cage and the men were slowly withering away. I was appalled by the sight.

I thought I had already been in trouble and possibly could be put in one of the cages. I didn't know if I would be able to endure such an ordeal; I would probably die if I were chained up all the time like that. How terrible it would be not to be able to talk with anyone or read anything and to be watched constantly by the guards as they walked up and down the aisles. Probably the American government wouldn't even be able to help me. I probably ought to be trying to leave the country.

As I thought about the situation, I found myself inside what appeared to be a radio station. A man was preparing to broadcast an English message being received on the television. He had hooked up a microphone to the speaker on the television to be broadcast across the radio. I thought it might be a message from president Ronald Reagan. Referring to the way he had hooked up the television to the radio microphone I said, "That's the most important connection in this country."

I thought the country desperately needed to hear some broadcasts from the United States.

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