Dream of: 30 October 1985 (2) "Excavations"

After picking up my father and my mother in a car in Portsmouth, I wanted to visit Babcock (a former high school classmate). I drove to the house of Anderson (another former high school classmate), found Babcock there and asked Babcock if he would like to go to a movie with me. He said he would and he climbed into the front seat of the car with me. My father and my mother were sitting in the back seat, along with a man who was my grandfather (and who reminded me of Don Juan Mateos, a character from books by Carlos Castaneda).

As I drove down Coles Boulevard, I asked Babcock how he had been and he said he had been fine. When I asked him if he had seen Anderson, he said that he had no desire to see Anderson and that he and Anderson weren't getting along well together. Obviously they had had a falling out. But he did say that Anderson was planning to marry someone named "Lindsey." I thought the girl's name was Lindsey Wittenburg and that she was the sister of Wittenburg (another former high school schoolmate).

I began wondering whether having Babcock together with my father and my mother like this was a good idea. I continued asking Babcock questions and thought about how I tended to ask many questions when I was having a conversation.

I asked Babcock if he were a dentist (even though I already knew he was). When I mentioned that I was planning to move to Paris in about three months, Babcock said he had been there. He said that he had liked Paris and that he would like to live there himself. I had the feeling he had toured Europe with some other dentists. I asked him if he had visited Paris, Rome and Berlin. Apparently he had.

I was planning to drive down Coles Boulevard to where it intersected with Route 23 and then drive out to the neighboring community of Rosemount, but someone said the road had been changed where Coles Boulevard and Route 23 intersect. However my grandfather said to continue down Coles because he knew how to get to Rosemount anyway.

I continued along until we came to the intersection. Indeed it had been radically changed. A large, impressive-looking, clover leaf intersection was now there.

Coles Boulevard had been extended past Route 23 into the bottom land close to the Scioto River. I continued on past the intersection until the road turned into a dirt road. My grandfather told me to drive up a small hill there, where he said we would be able to circle around.

I said, "Boy it really seems strange seeing places so near Portsmouth that I've never seen before. I thought I'd seen everything in Portsmouth."

I hadn't been in that area where I now was because the road hadn't been there before. I found it quite interesting. It was quite green and pretty there.

Finally the road came to an end, got out of the car and began walking up the side of a barren hill which had been created by the excavations there. Although we couldn't quite reach the top because of a steep cliff, we could see to our left that no road circled around like my grandfather had thought. Obviously we were going to have to turn around and go back. But no one was really concerned that my grandfather had made a mistake. I thought walking around there had been interesting anyway.

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