Dream of: 30 October 1985 "Noah's Ark"

I was living in Portsmouth in a two-story partially red brick, partially frame house, located on the lot where my father's cellulose insulation factory normally stood.

I had been looking for my pet Dalmatian, Dac, who had been missing for about a year. Someone offered to tell me where Dac was if I would pay $1,000. I agreed to do so, and having paid the $1,000, I boarded a car with the person. After traveling a short ways down the street, the person began telling me that Dac was close to a nearby dump. Since I hadn't been aware a dump was in this area, I asked if the person was sure. The person responded, "Yea."

The person continued to say that a lake was also nearby and that recently the carcass of a large fish almost the size of a whale had washed up on shore. Some people in a nearby church had thought the bones were the frame of Noah's ark. The people had gone to the lake and begun praying in front of the structure. But some scientists had come along and explained the thing was actually the skeleton of a large fish and not an ark.

When we came closer to the dump, I began thinking I might like to forage about in the dump to see if I could find anything interesting. We went down a little road and suddenly I saw Dac standing in the road. The other person stopped the car and stepped out. When I jumped out of the car, Dac ran to me. I began petting him. He was excited to see me and danced about. When he rolled over on his back, I petted his stomach.

I learned Dac had disappeared because he had had four babies. I thought that since Dac was a male, he wouldn't have been able to have nursed the babies and that someone else must have been taking care of them. Realizing the person with me had been caring for the babies, I said, "I want to see the babies."

The person took me to where the babies were. I was expecting to find babies which wouldn't be pure Dalmatians like Dac. I thought they might even have some red coloring in them. I anticipated I wouldn't want to keep them. I thought it would be hard to separate Dac from his babies, but I would simply have to do it.

When I was shown the babies I was surprised to discover they weren't baby dogs, but little human girls. I thought since Dac had been missing for about a year, the little girls wouldn't have developed correctly. But I was amazed at what I found. The girls looked as if they were 7-8 years old and had obviously developed wonderfully. All four were extremely beautiful. They seemed quite artistic and talented. One was playing piano and the others were marching around.

They also looked quite sexy. They were all wearing tops, but were naked from the waists down. I looked at the pubic area of one girl and saw that she still didn't have pubic hairs. I could clearly discern the slit between her legs.

I was attracted to them. But reflecting further, I began to think they were actually my daughters. I debated whether I should keep them or give them up for adoption. I immediately decided I was going to keep them. It worried me that I might have some kind of sexual contact with them since I found them so sexually attractive, but I definitely wanted to keep them anyway.

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