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Dream of: 29 October 1985 (2) "New Devices"

I was about two kilometers away from Patriot, on the road which leads into Patriot. I had set up a camp here. I was sitting next to the road watching a new console television which I had recently bought. I noticed the television actually had two screens. One screen was large and to its right was a smaller screen.

The smaller screen had some kind of plastic on it. On the plastic were some numbers flashing on and off. I thought the numbers were the price I had paid for the TV. It surprised me that the numbers would be flashing on the plastic like that. I pulled off the plastic and underneath was the actual screen. Apparently some electronic gadgetry had made the plastic flash on and off.

I examined the TV and realized I had another small portable TV sitting on top of the larger one. Apparently the two were somehow connected together. I couldn't quite get the picture to come in on the smaller screen. The picture would flash on and off but wouldn't remain. I began toying with the antennas.

I knew I needed to go somewhere soon and began thinking that it might not be a good idea to leave the TVs here. I had been camping here for several days and had left the TVs here before when I had left, but even though no one had stolen them yet, I thought it wasn't wise to leave them here.

I had bought a Bronco Jeep and I loaded the small TV into the Jeep. However, I left the larger TV sitting there. I began driving down the road. I noticed that a car was right behind me and traveling very close to me.

Inside the jeep I had a vacuum cleaner. The jeep had a door right in the very front of it. I suddenly stopped the jeep, opened the front door and put the vacuum outside into the middle of the road. But I immediately realized I should not have done that, picked the vacuum back up and put it back inside the jeep. I then continued going down the road.

I was quite impressed by how the jeep handled on the road. I began thinking perhaps I would just get my tent and go on an extended camping trip in the jeep.

I still had my Volkswagen Rabbit. But I had only needed to pay a couple hundred dollars down for the jeep and the monthly payments were only a couple of hundred a month. I thought it was indeed nice to have the jeep.

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