Dream of: 21 October 1985 "Buddha In The Well"

people divided

against themselves lose power

 needed to succeed

 My mother had a well in her back yard which had been covered by some old boards. Since the well looked rather dangerous, I told her I was going to try to repair it. After I walked outside and looked at the well, I found that sacks of clothes had been stacked up on the boards which covered the well. After looking through the sacks and finding some blue jeans, one pair of which was brand new, I decided I would distribute the clothes to needy people.

I looked more closely at the boards over the well and saw that some kind of covering had been placed on the boards. I took the covering off the boards and I began working on the boards which were not in bad shape themselves, although they were loose. After I had fitted the boards together as best I could, they looked good and formed a round cover about two meters in diameter over the top of well. The more I looked at the cover, the more it reminded me of a table top.

I finally decided to place a table on top of the boards. I found a rather elegant-looking, rectangular table and set it on the boards. When I noticed that one leg of the table was sticking out incorrectly. I worked on it and tried to fix it. When I finished working, I stood back and I realized that what I had in front of me was not a table at all, but a handsome, life-sized, dark wooden statue of a sitting Buddha. It was quite lifeless, but still quite remarkable.

Suddenly the boards broke and the bottom half of the Buddha fell into the well.

Commentaire de 16 septembre 2016

Il faut avoir tous le Buddha.

Dream Commentary

The creators of Oedipus seemed intent on avoiding discussion of the sexual issue, since they insisted that neither Oedipus nor his mother Jocasta knew of the mother/son relationship between them, and by implying thereby that neither of them was guilty of knowingly violating the ancient taboo.

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