Dream of: 10 October 1985 (2) "Mogan-David"

I found myself talking with a slender fellow (in his early 20s) interested in going to California to bid on a car to be sold at an auction. Apparently the car was being foreclosed upon. I mentioned I had some experience in buying real property at foreclosure sales and I offered some advice.

The price on the car was only $1,800.00 and apparently it was worth about $20,000.00. I explained to the fellow that quite a few other people would probably show up to bid. I began telling him about one of my clients who had bought a piece of real property at a foreclosure sale. Then I said, "No. Wait a minute. I represented the person whose property was sold and not the person who bought it."

I then explained that the buyer of the property had paid $10,000.00 to some other people so they wouldn't bid on the property. I told him that was an anti-trust violation and that the person may have been subject to criminal prosecution.

I explained that a method existed whereby a legal agreement could be reached so all the bidders could make money. I told him he needed to find out who the bidders were before the sale and then enter into a partnership agreement with them. He immediately seemed to understand and he wanted to know if I could prepare the agreement for him. I knew I had once written such an agreement for myself and I thought I might be able to use it for him.

He told me he needed to go somewhere and he asked me to go with him. We got into a car which I drove. I realized then we were in Portsmouth. We drove along Eighth Street. He told me to pull over on a corner in front of a house that appeared to have been converted into a store. I pulled over and we stepped from the car.

I recognized the house as the one Maxie (a former female high school schoolmate) used to live in. I said, "What happened to the Maxies?"

He explained that the house had been converted into a duplex and that the Maxies still lived on one side of it. The other side had been converted into some kind of auction house which he apparently was at least part owner of.

We walked inside. Quite a few people were milling about and apparently an auction was either in process or about to begin. Quite a few things were sitting around. I noticed a number of old empty wine bottles which were apparently antiques sitting on a table. I looked at them and I thought I saw the words "Mogan-David" written on one. I vaguely thought about my grandfather Cole, who had died before I had been born and I wondered if he had ever drunk from bottles like those.

The auctioneer began selling things. He held up a silver musical instrument. It looked something like a flute or a clarinet. Part of it was missing and it was obviously useless. The auctioneer pointed out that the brand name was engraved on the instrument. I thought I might bid 50 cents for it.

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