Dream of: 08 October 1985 "South Africa"

I was with my father, my mother, my crippled brother Chris and my sister at the Gay Street House. My mother was quite upset and was talking. I was surprised to hear she was planning to take a Greyhound bus and leave town. I finally realized she was leaving because she had discovered something about my father, who agreed with her that she should leave.

She spoke to me in German and talked for quite a while. I was unable to understand everything she said and finally she asked me why I wasn't answering her. I answered, "Du sprichst zu schnell. Ich kann dich nicht verstehen."

After she began speaking more slowly, I began understanding what she was saying. The issue in question was what was going to happen to Chris after she left on the Greyhound. I walked over to Chris and picked him up. He was beginning to cry. I held him in my arms and told him not to worry. I told him nothing was going to happen to him and I made the decision to take care of him. I thought I might need to hire someone like a Mexican woman to come in once every day to bathe him and take care of him. I didn't want Chris to worry about it anymore.

My father seemed basically unconcerned about the whole matter.

Finally everyone including Chris left and a man who had heard about my father and my mother separating walked into the room. Someone had once sold my father and my mother some stone dinner ware and this man now had a lien on the dinner ware. The man said about $200 was still owed on the plates, but that he would probably only be able to get about ten cents on the dollar out of it.

I looked at the plates which were sitting in the room. They were rather pretty and had colored rings around their edges. Basically, however, I was unconcerned about the whole matter. I picked up some of the plates and threw them across the room. The man left.

Suddenly I realized quite a few black people and one or two other white people were also in the room. It suddenly occurred to me that we were in South Africa. Apparently there had been a revolt and the blacks had taken over the country. It appeared I might be in danger.

In the room I saw another white family, which consisted of a man, his wife and two children. I walked over to the man and spoke with him. From where we were, we could see outside through a small door; I asked him what was going on. Apparently he had just been captured and brought there. He said about 400 "reds" were in another building down the road. When he said "reds" I thought he was referring to some other white people, but I thought they might be communists since he referred to them as "reds." Apparently they still had a stronghold nearby.

The man said he was going to run down to where the reds were. Suddenly he jumped up and ran out the back door; I followed him outside, where we appeared to be in a jungle. Some blacks were chasing us, so I separated from the man. Suddenly a black boy grabbed my arm, but I threw him off me.

I ran toward some nearby bungalows, reached one and crawled underneath it. I could hear voices overhead inside the bungalow. I was able to see inside; it was full of black people.

I slipped out from under the bungalow and ran over to another one. It was empty, but I heard a radio playing. I walked in. Some short bunk beds, only about a meter long, were in the room along with some longer bunk beds. On the radio it was announced that there had been an order that four black people were to sleep in each short bunk bed, while white people were each given a long bunk bed to sleep in.

The radio went on to say that that order had been one of the reasons why the black people had revolted; the situation had become too intolerable for them.

I snuck out of the building and began crawling outside on something which appeared to be plastic. Finally I reached another bungalow, where I heard people talking inside. I hoped it was white people and crawled through a hole in the side of the building. It was dark inside and I couldn't tell the peoples' color. Finally a bit of light appeared in the room and I saw one person's arm. It was black and I realized the room was full of black people.

They immediately realized I was there. I jumped up and ran out; they began chasing me. I couldn't figure out where the reds were; but I knew I was in terrible danger at that point.

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