Dream of: 07 October 1985 "Soap Opera"

I walked into a building and found what appeared to be a theater or the set of a television soap opera. I walked over to the side of the stage where I couldn't actually see the set and sat down near another man.

One man, one of the actors in the soap opera, apparently became confused and came over to where I was instead of going onto the set. He was in the process of acting and talked as he walked in front of us. I grabbed something he was holding in his hand and spoke to him. He stopped talking in the middle of his dialogue.

He walked away from me and went over to a dresser which had a mirror on it; his movements were quite feminine. He stood in front of the mirror and acted as if he were putting on some perfume.

Meanwhile the people out on the stage were waiting for him to come out and do his lines. Finally, someone came back to where we were and told the actor that he wasn't on stage and that he needed to go out front. He turned around and looked angrily at me. Then he walked out onto the stage

A young actress (probably in her early 20s) walked back to where I was and she likewise was acting. But she seemed to realize she wasn't actually on stage back here. She was dressed in a white dress and was quite beautiful. She walked up to me. I was sitting on the left end of a couch attached to a frame and metal tracks so that it slid back and forth in a rocking motion. The actress sat down on the arm rest to my left and then leaned back onto my lap.

She was pretending as if she were acting and as if I were someone in the play. As part of the act she began kissing me; her lips lightly touched mine. I was quite surprised. I put my arms around her. She was very beautiful. I couldn't understand why she was here with me; I didn't feel as if I were handsome enough for her.

But apparently she was attracted to me because I felt certain she knew we weren't actually in a play at the moment. I felt her tongue in my mouth. I couldn't help myself; I wanted to kiss her back. But I stopped for a moment and felt like asking her if she thought people could catch any diseases simply by kissing each other. I knew I had seen her acting before and knew she kissed people when she acted.

The other fellow sitting near us spoke up and commented about the woman's presence. I responded, "Well, she's just doing this probably to make somebody else feel funny."

I had almost said "jealous" instead of "funny," but specifically said "funny" instead. The woman continued kissing me and I was really uncertain if she was trying to make someone else jealous or if she were genuinely interested in me. I was definitely interested in her; it felt very good to have a beautiful young actress in my arms.

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