Comparing Oedipus to my dream-self, I conclude that my dreams of having sex with my mother are warning dreams, and that the warning involves sex.

Dream of: 05 October 1985 "Mutual Dream"

I was driving a car which contained three other people: my brother Chris, a woman who seemed like my mother, and a man. As we drove my mother became worried about my driving and she wanted to drive herself. She seemed to think I was going too fast. So we exchanged places and she began to drive, but she had a difficulty driving and the rest of us were afraid she was going to crash. She seemed to realize that driving was more difficult than she had thought and she agreed to let me take over again.

Once I was behind the steering wheel, I immediately again began driving fast again to show off my driving skills, even though I knew my driving fast would frighten my mother. We were on a narrow, windy country road. No other cars were in sight and I raced along exuberantly. Suddenly we approached a bend and before I knew it, I had lost control of the car. We plunged off the road to the left into the field. Our car  actually left the ground when we flew off the highway. We landed in the field, but the car never stopped moving. The ground in the field was wet and it looked as if it might have been raining.  I was afraid if we didn't actually crash that we would get stuck. I pushed on the accelerator to pull us out of the wet ground and the car ground back to the highway.

Once back on the highway I realized I had been going too fast and I thought perhaps I had indeed better slow down. Suddenly, however, I found myself in another predicament. The road had unexpectedly led to the roof of what appeared to be a house. When we reached the edge of the roof, the road suddenly ended in a sharp drop-off. It was too late for me to stop and I simply tried to guide the car as best I could as we dropped over the edge toward the ground below where the road picked up again.

We lightly touched down and I was quite satisfied with how I had handled the crisis. However I slowed my speed down to almost a crawl and I knew the others were relieved.

We approached what appeared to be a small village which almost looked like a ghost town and we rode through. The rather bizarre-looking buildings appeared completely deserted except for a television playing in one window. Suddenly I noticed on the horizon behind the village the outline of many buildings in what appeared to be a large city. Those buildings likewise seemed very strange. It looked as if many of the buildings had fallen down and as if the city had been in a war.

I stopped the car and we all got out. Chris tried to stand up but was unable to stay on his feet. I walked over to him and helped him stand. I held him in my arms with his feet on the ground.

I continued looking at the large buildings in the distance until the image gradually faded and I found myself in a room with the other three. We were gathered around a table and all of us sat down. I realized that the four of us had been having a mutual dream. The images of the dream had somewhat faded but they were still in my mind. The other three and I were still in the dream state even though we were now able to momentarily see our waking bodies.

We began discussing the images in the dream as they had occurred up to that point. I retraced the driving episode and until I reached the point where I had seen the large buildings behind the village. The man and woman woman who seemed like my mother described what they had seen and their descriptions were somewhat different from mine. I told them that among the buildings I had seen quite a bit of twisted metal which at times seemed to have been twisted into some sort of artistic shape. The others apparently hadn't noticed it.

I was in a dual state. I was still dreaming, but I had control of the dream and I could either stop or continue. The man and my mother were in the same state as I, but Chris, I realized, had slipped out of the dream state and was again in his normal state. He was having difficulty relating to what the rest of us were saying.

The question before us at the moment was whether we should continue with the dream or whether we should stop the dream and return to the dream state together at another time. I wanted to continue, but after some discussion we decided we should stop for the time being and return again at 11 o'clock that night. I told them that I was going to snap my fingers and that we would all awaken. I snapped my fingers and immediately the dream state began to dispel.

I wondered what awakening was going to be like awakening since I had already been awake. I was surprised to find that I felt as if I were awaking from a deep sleep. The visions of the entire experience seemed just like a dream and I began trying to remember them.

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