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Dream of: 26 September 1985 "Flying Low"

My father, another man, a woman and I were in a small airplane together which my father was piloting. The man and woman were each probably about 25 years old. We were all standing up in the plane and our bodies were sticking out of the plane from our waists up. The young man was standing at the back of the plane and the woman was between him and me.

We were flying around in the general area of Patriot. We were traveling about 40-50 miles per hour and were flying quite low.

I knew that later that afternoon a running race was going to take place between Patriot and the intersection of a road about five kilometers from Patriot. I wanted to be in that race. Someone in the plane commented that if I were in the race, I wouldn't finish it. I said, "Well, it might take me 10 or 15 minutes but I would finish."

I thought the winner would probably finish in about eight minutes.

My father's flying was beginning to alarm me somewhat because he was flying so close to the ground. He flew between some trees and just barely made it. We began flying over a road. The trees came together over the road and formed what appeared to be a tunnel through which we flew. The wings of the plane clipped some leaves a few times; I told my father I was a bit worried, but he said he had been down those roads before. I asked him why he didn't go higher. He said he had had a difficult time before going higher than that.

While we were talking the other man quipped, "Yes, I'm very high."

I thought perhaps he had taken some kind of drug.

I was rather concerned because I couldn't tell my directions from where we were. I looked at the sun; it was low on the horizon. It was an orange ball; I looked almost fiercely at it without feeling any discomfort. I surmised it was in a westerly direction. Someone asked me which way was East. I stopped, thought about which direction the sun was headed and pointed in the direction opposite of the sun.

Finally we came to a village either called "HV" or "Have." I saw a Holiday Inn there. I asked where we were. I knew we were close to Patriot but I had never seen any of these places before. We passed another village called "Spectrum." The towns looked quite interesting. I had never seen them before and thought sometime I would like to come back on the ground and see them.

Flying was quite exhilarating although I wished we could be up a little higher. I spat over the side and we were so low I could even see where my spit landed. We were probably only about 10-20 meters in the air.

We reached another small town and flew down the streets. Finally we flew down one street which appeared to be a dead end. In addition, a roof seemed to be over our heads so we couldn't fly straight up. We began flying slower and slower, until we finally reached the end of the street. At first I thought we were going to crash; but then we all reached out, grabbed hold of a building, and turned the plane around. We flew back down the street and back into the open air again.

It was approaching 2 o'clock and I feared I was going to miss the race. I really wanted to race. I thought perhaps it might be delayed 10 minutes.

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