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Dream of: 23 September 1985 "Responsive Horse"

Several other people and I were taking part in a class in the basement of the House in Patriot. The man in charge of the class proposed a project which involved constructing a building. Chairs with name plates attached to them would be located in the building for people using the building. The man proposed only six different names would be used for everyone who used the building. Name plates were going to be sold to the people using them and would be quite expensive. By only using six different names, the man obviously hoped to reduce his costs in making the plates. I figured the whole idea was a scheme to make money.

I objected to the idea. I thought it was absurd to only use six different names for everyone using the building and I said, "It's ridiculous to think we're only going to use so many names. We're going to have somebody named Clyde #36? Clyde #236? Or Clyde #23? Clyde #236?"

The man was adamant and finally the people in the room were given tasks to perform to prepare for the project. I noticed one girl who reminded me of a girl I had seen at the Dallas Zen Center. I liked her. But she left and went upstairs. I looked around and saw everyone else in the room had fallen asleep.

I rose and went upstairs to look for the girl. I walked into the kitchen, looked out the window over the kitchen sink and saw the girl in the garden behind the house trying to mount a large, brown horse. She had her foot in the stirrup but she couldn't seem to raise herself all the way into the saddle.

I thought I would go out and help her. Barefoot, I began scurrying around and looking for my shoes. By the time I finally found my shoes and walked outside, the girl was already in the saddle. She wasn't only riding the horse, but was maneuvering it so that it moved laterally step by step. She leaned over to the side of the horse as she road it.

She saw me and motioned for me to come to her. That made me happy because I liked her. I walked across the garden toward her and she dismounted. I came close to her and she said something to me in Spanish. When I asked her if she spoke Spanish and she said she did, I thought, "Well that just settles it. She's the one for me."

I asked her what she thought about the plan with the name plates. She asked me what I thought about it. I told her it was ridiculous because it had no value and no one would benefit from it. It was merely a scheme to gain some money. I thought how true that was about so many things. I thought, "If you were going to work on something you need to investigate it to see if it had any value first; otherwise it was useless to work on it even though you might end up making money at it."

I made a quick movement to touch the horse's nose and it recoiled. I concluded that the girl said I shouldn't try to touch the horse so quickly. Finally the horse let me pet it. I scratched its nose all the way along its length and was very gentle with it. I continued to pet it and it seemed to like that. I talked sweetly to the horse and then kissed it on its nose. The horse was very responsive to me and even seemed different from a horse. It was very pleasant. For a moment I almost thought it was going to speak back to me.

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