Dream of: 22 September 1985 "Water Park"

I had stopped at one of the water amusement parks in Arlington, Texas. I knew it was already September and I was surprised to see the park still open. I debated whether I should go in. A line of people led up to the largest water slide. I watched some people slide down the tortuous slide and finally land in the water.

Two pools were separated by a cement walkway. A rather obese girl jumped from a high tower over the first pool into the second pool. I thought her jumping was extremely dangerous if she had hit the cement walkway she could have been smashed.

I walked on in and was surprised to find I could walk right up to the edge of some of the pools without paying. Some kind of lift with small, round cages carried people up to the top of one of the towers. Someone was operating the cages at the bottom. A boy walked up and wanted to board, but the cages were coming down right then instead of up. He wanted to be put in anyway. The operator refused to let the boy board, but did allow the boy to walk up a short ways and then slide back down.

Some girls wearing bathing suits were getting out of one of the cages. They spread their legs in an erotic way when they stepped out.

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