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Dream of: 21 September 1985 (3) "A Dark Cloud"

I was driving along in a dark-colored Lincoln Continental; Louise was in the front seat with me. I no longer felt very close to her. I told her one of  our problems had been our inability to talk about things. I mentioned, for example, that she didn't like to talk with me about her legal clients. I said, "In the last few months especially, we just stopped talking about things."

She said, "In the last few months Bunnie has been living under a dark cloud."

I said, "Bunnie? Who's Bunnie?"

Apparently the name had been given to her by someone for an imaginary creature which she had invented for herself. But it was really herself she was talking about. Apparently in the last few months she had been pulling more into herself. But I thought maybe she was beginning to come out of it somewhat.

She spoke about one of her legal clients, the wife in a divorce case. She said she had recently followed the husband to some go-go girl clubs, because she thought he was seeing a go-go girl. One night she had waited in her car outside the club for over two hours. Finally the man had come out with the go-go girl and had gotten in her car with her. They stayed in the car for about a half hour while Louise had watched. I asked, "Did you take pictures of her?"

She said, "No."

I asked, "Well did the girl finally go down on him?"

She said she didn't know, but she thought that she did toward the end. I said, "Well you needed to get pictures of everything."

It was starting to rain outside. Suddenly I lost control of the car and it began spinning around and around. I was almost about to go off the road and stuck my foot out the door to try to stabilize the car. But it was too late I ran off the road. I jumped from the car, rolled down the hill and stopped.

Louise had fallen out of the car; I saw her rolling down the hill, but she looked as if she was uninjured. I went to her, picked her up and asked if she were OK. She smiled and acted as if there was no problem. Some other cars began pulling up and stopping. Most cars drove on, but a couple stayed and watched. I wanted them to leave.

The embankment the car had rolled down wasn't more than three meters high. But when I walked down to the car I found that it had been smashed flat. I found a pump there, hooked it up to the car and when I began pumping, the car began expanding like a balloon. I then tried to start the car but it wouldn't start. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I wasn't going to ask any of the people here for help.

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