Dream of: 21 September 1985 "Wad Of Money"

I had moved into a house with some other fellows. I and some other fellows were getting ready to take a shower in the house. I walked down a long hallway toward the shower room. At the end of the hall was a sharp turn to the right to the shower room. But before I reached the turn, I passed a bathroom on my right. I looked through the door and noticed a wad of money lying on a shelf over the sink. The wad was folded in half. I saw a crinkled up ten dollar bill on top. Next was a hundred dollar bill and a number of other crisp, new bills.

I thought there might be some other hundreds in the wad. I was curious and wanted to look, but I thought it would be better if I didn't touch them.

Even though I knew and trusted most of the other people in the house I still thought it was dangerous leaving that much money out there. So I hollered out, "Somebody left a wad of money in the bathroom!"

One guy stepped into the hall and said it was his. He was naked and was getting ready to take a shower. He suddenly realized some girls were standing down at the end of the hall. He jumped back into a room. He then looked out and saw girls also down at the other end of the hall.

I had the same problem. I was also nude and realized girls were at both ends of the hall. I jumped into the same room with the other fellow. I wasn't certain what to do. I realized it was a girl's room I was in. I saw a pair of red shorts on the floor. I realized I had been in the room before and left the shorts there. I picked them up and put them on. I then told the fellow I would get his money for him. I walked back into the bathroom, picked up the money and brought it back to the fellow.

He and I both then walked into the shower room where some other fellows were also standing around naked.

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