Dream of: 08 September 1985 (2) "Anglica"

I was walking across a parking lot and noticed a woman about my age walking toward her car. She had black shoulder-length hair and was slightly shorter than I. She was slender, good-looking and Hispanic. As she continued, I noticed a shadow figure split off from her body and walked toward me. I couldn't believe my eyes. The figure walked up close to me. I touched my finger to her nose to see if she was real and I could feel her nose. I said, "You're a witch, aren't you."

She didn't say anything. I didn't think she was a bad person. I just thought she was a sorceress and a powerful person. I immediately knew I needed to establish some kind of contact with her. She stopped for a second and then walked away. I looked at the original body and it had gotten into the car and was starting to pull away.

I walked toward the car. I knew I needed to do something to stop her, but suddenly she stopped the car and got out. I thought, "Oh what a relief."

I realized then something was wrong with her car. She walked around and pulled up the hood of the car. I walked up to her and looked at the engine, painted red. Some papers had been plastered over part of the motor. She said her water was leaking. Apparently her water pump was broken.

I asked her if I could talk with her. She turned from the car and walked close to me. I felt very close to her and started to put my left arm around her. She started to allow it; but suddenly she jerked away from me as if she didn't know what I was doing.

Then she realized I wasn't going to hurt her and she let me put my left arm on her hip. I felt ecstatic being with her. I pulled her close to me and asked, "What's your name?"

She said her name was Anglica. The name seemed so fitting. It seemed like the perfect name for her.

I looked back at the car and saw another woman working on the car. That disconcerted me because I realized there were actually two women. I had the feeling one was good and one was bad but I couldn't tell which was which.

I let go of Anglica and backed away from her. I was uncertain about her. I thought she might be putting a spell on me to make me think she was good.

I walked toward the car and Anglica followed me. The woman at the car had black hair. I realized she apparently had been the driver of the car. I began helping her. She said her name was Donna. Donna didn't appeal to me nearly as much as Anglica. I wanted to be with Anglica, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I wasn't deceiving myself. Perhaps Donna was the right one.

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