Dream of: 08 September 1985 "Blisson"

I was in what appeared to be an antique or novelty shop. Some people apparently part of a symphony orchestra were in one part of the shop, preparing to practice playing their instruments without actually producing any sound. They needed someone to play a tall wooden instrument which reminded me of a coat rack. I was unsure what the name of the instrument was, but someone told me it was a "blisson." I sat down in a seat in front of the blisson.

The store had another side and I could see a similar symphony orchestra playing there.

Suddenly my orchestra began playing. The blisson was a rather complicated instrument and I was uncertain how to play it. I looked toward the orchestra on the other side and saw someone playing a blisson there and I realized I needed to be standing, rather than sitting, when playing the blisson.

The blisson had a mouthpiece similar to that of a saxophone. Moreover, the player's feet had to be put in what appeared to be little, wooden, Dutch shoes to make a clapping noise. It was necessary to put what appeared to be little cymbals on the hands. The cymbals were almost like castanets, except flat, like cymbals. They were about the size of my hand and gold-colored. Thus -- playing consisted of blowing in the mouthpiece, clapping the Dutch shoes, and striking the cymbals. When I began playing the instrument, I was afraid everyone was looking at me because I was doing it incorrectly.

We paused and I ran to the orchestra on the other side to watch the other fellow playing his blisson, which appeared to be prettier than mine. It had cloth as decoration while mine was just a plain old wooden blisson.

I watched the orchestra for a moment, until it stopped playing and the people began leaving. I returned to my orchestra, but found the people with whom I had been playing had likewise disbanded. I was still wearing the shoes and I still had the cymbals on my hands; I began clapping them both.

My ex-wife Louise was standing nearby. I walked over to her, pointed out the blisson and (since I had never heard of a blisson before) asked her if the name was correct. She likewise was uncertain exactly what a blisson was and she didn't seem to care one way or the other. Since she knew I hadn't been playing music lately, she said, "You miss playing music, don't you."

I said playfully, "No."

I left her and headed back to the side where the other orchestra had been playing. When I got there, I found the main door shut, but I found an open garage door with some ropes across it, which I slipped through. I found no one inside and thought someone could easily come in and steal everything.

I walked back outside, found the owner and told him someone could go in there and steal everything. I told him I was going to go inside and wait because I knew some people were out here who might try it. I said, "And when they do try it, I'm going to catch them."

I went back inside where I saw a small smoking pipe and thought, "Somebody could easily steal that."

Many other antiques were sitting around. I decided to simply wait and try to catch anyone who tried to steal something.

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