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Dream of: 06 September 1985 (2) "Definitely In Pain"

Louise and I were standing outside the House in Patriot having an argument. Suddenly a tall, good looking, blond-haired fellow (probably in his early 20s) showed up. He was dressed in an elegant-looking black suit and I thought he was Victor Caballero (an acquaintance of Louise's).

I quickly learned that Louise had either already married him or was about to marry him and that she had also been lying to him about some things concerning me.

The three of us walked into the House and I told the fellow Louise had lied to him. He told me a woman physician who worked for him had told him the same thing. The physician had also told him I had asked the physician out. I said, "Well that is absolutely untrue. But of course you realize that Louise and she are good friends. Apparently Louise's put her up to that."

The fellow, who seemed intelligent, began thinking about what I had said; he didn't seem particularly angry with me. And I knew I hadn't done anything wrong to him. It was Louise who had been deceitful to both him and me.

Finally Louise and he left. I took off all my clothes, sat down nude in the kitchen sink and thought about what had just occurred.

I began playing with some pop bottle tops in the sink. I wasn't paying much attention to what I was doing and some of the lids fell into the drain. Some of the lids had some writing on them for a game. They had a Dallas address and I inferred there was probably a game sheet which had different addresses on it. The lids could then be pasted on the game sheet and if someone got all the addresses, the person probably won something.

I began thinking I probably needed to retrieve the lids which had fallen down the drain. I knew a garbage disposal was under the drain; perhaps I could open the disposal and get the lids out of it.

Suddenly I heard a scream from outside. I jumped out of the sink and ran to the door. I saw my gray 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit sitting outside with its hood raised. It looked as if someone was standing in front of the car. I ran outside and whoever was there left running. I ran over to another car which was also parked nearby and realized my brother Chris was in the car with some other people. Chris screamed, "Help! Help!"

I pointed a little instrument which resembled a gun toward a young girl dressed in black in the car; I acted as if I were shooting at her. I then opened the back door; Chris was lying there as if he were definitely in pain. He screamed again, "Help! Help!"

I screamed, "Where are you, Chris!"

"Here I am, Steve," he cried out.

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