Although Oedipus accepted the taboo against inter-familial sex as gospel, my dream-self often seemed unconvinced of the validity of the taboo.

Dream of: 06 September 1985 "A Hot Day"

My crippled brother Chris (about 10 years old), a second brother and I were sitting together in a car waiting for my mother. It was a hot day and we were suffering from the heat. We were planning to go to the Gay Street House. We waited for quite a while in the hot sunshine. Finally I jumped out of the car and announced that I was going to go get my mother.

We were in front of a tall luxurious apartment building. I walked into the building, boarded the elevator, ascended to one of the upper floors and got off. I walked into a room and found my mother inside talking on the phone, apparently with my father.

She was wearing a dress. I walked over to her, pulled her legs back and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you."

I quickly pulled down my pants. She immediately recoiled into a ball and threatened to kick me with her high-heel shoes. I stopped. I already had an erection and suddenly a small squirt of urine spurted from my penis.

My mother handled the situation so that my father didn't hear anything on the other end of the phone, but since she obviously wasn't going to let me continue, I backed off. She finally hung up the phone, but it immediately rang again. She answered and apparently a brother of mine was calling to say he had tried to come up and get into the room, but someone was standing outside the door.

I thought someone must be outside who was going to try to harm us. Worried, I thought I might be able to shoot through the door with a gun which I thought was in the room. But then I thought whoever was outside might likewise be able to shoot back at us through the door.

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