Dream of: 02 September 1985 "Ball Of Snakes"

I was near Portsmouth with someone who was talking about my great-uncle Ray. The person said Ray had told him that Ray had already put Christmas lights up on his house in Rosemount, Ohio. That seemed a bit vain to me, like something that someone who didn't have anything better to do with their time would do.

I left riding a motorcycle and headed in the direction of Rosemount. The road had recently had fresh tar poured on it. I also noticed that along the right side of the road someone, apparently working for the road department, had placed Christmas lights all along the road. The lights were arranged so four lights would be grouped together, then a space, then four more lights. They didn't look bad.

That made me start thinking that I might even want to drive by Ray's house in Rosemount to see how the lights he had put up looked.

I continued along and arrived at the top of a small hill. I decided to stop for a moment to look around. I had been in Texas so long without seeing hills that even this small one pleased me.

Suddenly I realized I actually was in Texas and was south of Dallas near a small town called Cockrell Hill. I remembered I had recently read that Cockrell Hill was the highest town in Dallas County.

Leland suddenly walked up and we began talking about the view. I pointed out to him how on neighboring hills one could see where the deciferous trees were and where the pines were. He saw it.

At the side of the road was a small pool of water. Leland and I looked into the pool and he pointed out a snake that was in the pool and he called it a "smothers." It was only five or six centimeters long. It was brown with yellow circles around it. I saw another one like it --  then suddenly I saw another type of snake in the water. It was very flat and looked more like some kind of flat, feathery eel. It was about a half meter long. It raised its head out of the water.

Near one edge of the pool was an overhang over the water. I saw some more snakes there, which looked more like regular snakes. They were black and about a meter long. They swam about over the surface.

Suddenly I saw a large ball of snakes, about a half meter in diameter. I told Leland what I had seen and he didn't believe me. But then I pointed out the ball to him and he saw it with his own eyes. But nothing was moving in the ball and I wasn't completely sure it was a ball of snakes. I told Leland I was going to touch it.

I touched the ball with a stick and the snakes began moving in it. I backed away but some of the snakes were swimming toward me. I felt something and thought perhaps one of the snakes had bitten me.

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