Dream of: 15 August 1985 "Eating Paint"

A male friend and I went to visit the man's girlfriend. When we arrived at her apartment we found she wasn't home, but we went in anyway. My friend had brought a couple small sculptures which he had made to give to his girlfriend as presents.

We sat down and waited for her to return home. I thought about hiding and surprising her when she came in, but instead I just sat down in the open.

Some clothes were hanging behind the front door on the inside. For some reason I put a piece of paper there behind the door with the clothes. But the paper was making strange noises and I went over to take it away. Just as I stepped behind the door, the door opened and the woman walked in. She didn't see me at first but then she saw me.

She was happy to see us both. My friend showed her the two sculptures. One was very nicely done. It was of a woman and could be positioned in two different ways. It could be either lying down on its stomach or could be sitting up. The statue had a blouse and when it was in a sitting position the blouse was open in front to form a slit. The slit extended on down between the legs of the statue.

I began to regret I hadn't brought anything and thought, "Well I could have made her a collage or something today."

She seemed to enjoy the presents. She was also an artist. She began mixing some orange and brown paint. She walked over to some stairs and began painting the board along the side of the stairs. But then she began eating the paint. I asked her if she was eating the same paint she was using to paint the steps and she said she was.

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