Dream of: 10 August 1985 "Bad Omens"

I was working in a field (which seemed to be inside a large building) on a farm where wheat was being harvested. I was walking alongside a large, red, intricate wheat-harvesting machine which was going back and forth the over the rows of wheat. At one point I stood on the machine and rode as it trudged along.

Many other men, most of whom looked Hispanic and were probably illegal aliens, were also working in the field. Some of the men were talking about one Mexican named Juan who had been doing some bad things. The men had informed the man who owned the farm about Juan and it was decided that Juan was to be disposed of.

Later that night I learned Juan had been smashed inside a large book just like a bug. I walked over to where the incident was supposed to have occurred and found a book sitting on an end table next to a couch. I sat down and looked at the book. I was rather upset because I thought I might have somehow played a part just by knowing about Juan.

As I looked at the book I was amazed to see a bic pen start to come out of the pages of the book and thought something must still be alive in the book. I then saw something liquid coming out of the end of the bic pen. At first I thought it was blood but then realized it was blue ink dripping on to rust-colored carpet on the floor.

I grabbed some papers lying there and put them on the floor so the ink wouldn't get on the carpet. But it had been coming out in a flood and some fell on the carpet before I did anything. Then I saw a cloth with which I began trying to wipe up the ink.

As I was wiping I noticed a cat running around nearby. I suddenly thought the things that were happening were bad omens for me. The dripping ink was like dripping blood. And cats were bad luck. I thought the things signified some kind of bad luck for me.

Suddenly I heard a door slam that seemed to be downstairs. That seemed to me likewise to signify bad luck.

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