Dream of: 08 August 1985 "Chinese Vase"

While in Portsmouth, driving toward the Gay Street House, I noticed some of the houses on Eighth Street near the Gay Street House had been torn down and spacious-looking parking lots were being built in their place.

When I arrived at the Gay Street House (which had been painted dark green), I found that the top story had been torn off and that the House was in the process of being torn down. My father, my step-grandfather Clarence and Kay were removing things from the House. Apparently my father had decided that very day to tear down the House and replace it with a parking lot.

As I stood in the parking lot behind the House (thinking I might help my father remove his things), Kay (who had gained some weight) walked up to me and talked about the lot the House was on being made into a parking lot; she said it was too bad the House hadn't been on the other side of the alley.

I replied, "Well there's nothing wrong with this side of the alley."

She pointed to the small house next door and said it would likewise have to be torn down before the House would be worth anything.

Kay moved closer and closer to me until she was finally rubbing against me. Finally she reached down and grabbed my penis. Even though I fell over onto my back, she held on to me. When she released her hold, I grabbed her hand and placed it back on my penis.

She then stuck her hand inside my pants and lay down on the ground beside me. We talked for a while, until I finally pulled my penis from my pants, stuck it into her mouth and began moving it back and forth. I was immensely enjoying what I was doing and I thought I would also like to have intercourse with Kay. I thrust my penis as far as I could into her mouth; she seemed to be able to take it all in. Finally I thrust it in as deeply as I could and she seemed to be trying to stop me. Suddenly I ejaculated in her mouth.

She angrily jumped up and when she spat out the sperm, part landed in my mouth. It had a dull, chalky taste which I didn't like. I quickly spat it out and told her I was sorry I had ejaculated in her mouth, but I hadn't thought she would mind. I quickly pulled my pants back up.

Just then my father walked out of the House. Since I didn't want him to know what I had been doing with Kay, I hid behind the car for a moment. Finally, feeling guilty, I walked over to the House. I thought perhaps I could atone by spending a couple hours helping my father carry some of the heavy items out of the House. I also thought lifting the heavy stuff would be good exercise for my muscles.

I walked inside, grabbed some stuff and carried it out. As I was descending the back steps, I knocked something over. I looked down and saw a dull orange-colored ceramic vase of some sort. Even though fragile, the vase hadn't broken.

My step-grandfather Clarence saw what I had done; he looked at me and said I had really been lucky. Apparently it was a Chinese vase. I picked it up and I looked at it more closely. It had a number of holes in it and apparently wasn't designed to hold anything. About 10 centimeters in diameter, it had a long neck and was apparently quite valuable. I set the vase back upright and continued on to the parking lot. Some vehicles were in the lot into which the possessions were being loaded.

What would my father do now? Was he simply going to shut down his office or was he going to open new offices elsewhere?

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