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Dream of: 06 August 1985 "Needing Transportation"

I was on the Gallia County Farm and apparently was planning to live in my Cabin. I went to visit the Cabin and found my step-grandfather Clarence living in it.

I returned to the House and began thinking over what I was actually doing. The Cabin didn't appeal to me as much as it used to. I envisioned problems with not having electricity and running water. I was unsure how Clarence was managing to live there. Moreover, I began thinking I no longer had a car and I would need one. I owned a blue car which I had left on the Farm, having thought I would never need it again. But now I began thinking I might need to repair the blue car so I would have something to drive.

Clarence didn't have a car either. But I thought a vehicle was in the old shed at the bottom of the hill which he would be able to use. I walked down to the old shed and went inside. I was surprised to find a large truck which appeared to be in very good condition which apparently my father had bought for Clarence.

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