Dream of: 02 August 1985 "Money Making Scheme"

While I was in the Gay Street House I called Buckner on the phone. His father, Jim Buckner answered and said, "Wait a minute."

Steve came to the phone and we began to talk. I was surprised to hear Steve speaking a foreign language instead of English. At first I thought he was speaking in Spanish, but then realized it was French, which he appeared to be speaking quite well. I was unsure whether I could speak French as well as he, but I said, "Je voudrai parler avec toi."

I realized I wasn't speaking French well, but thought he would be able to understand me. We talked a while and Buckner told me he had been living in Europe for seven months. I told him I had heard that Weinstein was also living in Europe.

I was quite excited to hear that Buckner had gone to Europe and told him I also was soon going to Europe. I asked Buckner what he had done in Europe and he told me he had worked as a clerk in a hotel.

We spoke of other matters. Previously Buckner and I had formed some kind of plan to obtain some money. Buckner now had a part of the money and I said to him, "Come on down to my father's house and bring it down."

He said he would come. I told him that Weinstein was also coming and we hung up. I waited for a while in the upstairs living room and finally decided to go downstairs.

Once downstairs, I looked outside and saw two cars parked the wrong way on Gay Street, which is one way north. One of the cars was a Gremlin and looked like Buckner's car. I walked outside onto the front porch and saw Buckner standing in the street talking with a girl (about 20 years old) who reminded me of the actress Kathleen Turner.

I hollered to Buckner and told him to come into the house. I felt that the girl was also involved in our scheme and that Buckner and she were conducting business in the street.

I saw a couple other people outside whom I had also been expecting and who were actually going to pay us the money. But I didn't really trust them because I thought they might possibly be the police.

The two strangers walked into the house. I had a cassette player with me and planned to ask them a few questions and record their responses on the cassette. I wanted to ask them the date and have them tell me they weren't police officers. I proceeded to obtain that information, told everyone I would be back and walked with the cassettes upstairs. I planned to hide the cassette in a place under the floor in the middle room.

When I arrived in the middle room upstairs I turned around and saw that a large, overweight man, who (except for his unusually huge size) reminded me of Kermit Byrd (a friend of my father's) had followed me upstairs. I walked to the door, pushed him back and said, "No. No. Go on downstairs and wait. I'll be right back down."

I closed the door, then looked through a crack in the door and watched him. He started down the stairs, but then turned around and began climbing back up the stairs on the banister. He was hanging on the banister when I suddenly opened the door and said, "You shouldn't be doing that."

I stepped on his fingers which were hanging on to the banister and he fell. It was an extremely long drop and I heard him crash at the bottom. I thought he might be dead, but was unsure.

I quickly ran back into the middle room and pulled back the carpet from the hiding place. I knew my father also used that place to hide things. I pulled up one of the loose boards, pulled out the cassette and stuck it under the floor where I thought no one would be able to find it. Someone would have to do a thorough search to find it. I quickly covered the boards back up with the carpet.

I finished, stood up and saw my father walk into the room with George Medaci (another friend of my father's), who was wearing a black tee shirt. They were also involved in the scheme with Buckner and me and they spoke about how 20 different people would be bringing money to us there today. That bothered me because I didn't think it was good for so many different people to be involved in the affair. The more people who were involved the greater chance there was that we would be caught.

But since I was planning to use the money to go to Europe, it was essential that I go through with the plan. I was already in so deep I was unable to extricate myself.

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