Dream of: 27 July 1985 "Bowl Of Strawberries"

I was in a field being bombed by enemy war planes. I wasn't exactly sure where I was, but I thought I was in either Puerto Rico or Cuba. Other people who resembled peasants were also in the fields with me. The area was basically clear except for some small clumps of trees scattered here and there. The people were hiding in the trees.

In my mind I could see the planes flying overhead and dropping their bombs. The pilots were zeroing in on the clumps of trees because they knew people were hiding in them. I likewise headed for a clump of trees growing in a circle and I hid in the middle of them.

The bombing let up for a while and I took off running. I wanted to reach a town where I could arrange to leave the country. Finally I reached a small village. I found a restaurant, walked in and sat down. A woman (in her early 20s) was sitting at my table. I spoke with her. I realized she likewise wanted to leave the country, but I was uncertain whether I should help her.

She rose, walked over to another table and sat down. Another woman walked up and sat down at my table. She likewise wanted to escape from the country. I had the feeling I would be more interested in helping the second woman than the first woman. Suddenly she spoke to me in German and said, "Ich war drei Jahre in Deutschland. Nein ich war zwei Jahre in Deutschalnd."

I was surprised to hear her speaking in German. Then she began speaking in English. Apparently she had worked in Germany for the United States military and had learned some German while she was there. I was impressed and thought I would probably prefer to help her rather than the first woman; but perhaps I would be able to help them both. I looked at the first girl sitting at the other table and I was surprised to see her sticking up her middle finger in an obscene gesture at the woman now sitting at my table.

I had the feeling the second woman liked me. So I wanted to make it perfectly clear to her before I helped her that I wasn't making any commitments in terms of romance even though it might be possible we would have some kind of romantic interlude together. I wanted to be sure she understood that.

We heard some noise in the background, realized some soldiers were coming and quickly left. We passed through some passageways. As we turned one corner we saw Fidel Castro approaching us in army fatigues, but we turned the corner and he didn't see us. We ran on. We knew Castro and the other soldiers were following us.

We wanted to try to find an airport and fly out of the country. I thought that might not be so difficult for me since I was an American citizen, but I didn't know if I was going to be able to help the girl out of the country. I felt she would be in terrible danger if she were left there.

We ran on and came to a hill. We began running up some steps on the hill. The tops of the steps were just made of dirt, but the front sides of the steps were made of marble slabs about a centimeter thick.

I knew Castro and his men were close behind. We continued on and on and finally we ended up back at the restaurant. We sat back down at the same table. On the table was a bowl with some strawberries which I had been eating before. I was rather hungry and felt like eating the strawberries and perhaps even ordering something else, but I didn't know if I should do that because I was uncertain whether we had any money to pay for anything.

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