Dream of: 26 July 1985 "Rural Texas Town"

I had ridden a bicycle to a town which was the county seat of a rural Texas county. I had only been planning on passing through the town without stopping, but I was attracted to a number of large, magnificent buildings in the town. I began riding up a steep hill in the center of the town and passed several large, beautiful, brick buildings which looked like large cathedrals.

I didn't see any people around and the town appeared deserted. I continued up the hill and came closer to the top. I suddenly realized that at the top of the hill was an abrupt cliff which went down the other side. When I came close to the top I stopped and parked my bicycle and began walking toward the edge. There I saw a vast valley spreading out down below me.

A cement floor led right up to the edge of the cliff. A small sign was there which said that it was dangerous and that the whole thing could fall in. A metal bar went along the edge. The area was covered by a roof and had the appearance of a patio. To my left was a door which appeared to lead into a little house which was apparently inhabited.

I looked through the door into the room and saw a table and a couple wooden chairs. Perhaps an old man lived there. I hollered inside. I couldn't see clearly but I thought someone might be sitting at the table. Finally someone did rise from a chair by the table.

It was a small old man (about 60 years old). At first I thought he was Chinese. He walked toward me and spoke to me in Spanish. I responded in Spanish and asked him some questions about the place.

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